Friday, June 26, 2009


Yes, yes, I am still up and blogging at 'oh God O'clock' in the witching hours but I'm a bit over-stimulated (no, not the good kind) and it's 7's fault for insisting on putting 'Heroes' on at 11 instead of shifting some of those mediocre early programmes.

So when is a chicken not a chicken?
When it's in this product.
quality you can taste
Gourmet plus
Liquid stock
  • no animal content
  • no added msg
  • lactose free
  • gluten free
  • no preservatives

no trans fat


Perhaps the chicken part is a genetically modified cardboard carton that magically imparts a chicken taste for all us vegetarians who don't eat chicken.


Bwca Brownie said...

I am in favour of anything that ignores the artificial breeding of poultry for slaughter.
The Ingham family of Queensland (where else!?) have built a thoroughbred racing empire on the profits of mechanised poultry slaughter, thereby doubling their crime in my eyes.

Just want to mention to readers who have ever swallowed, or served to their growing children, the euphemistically branded 'chicken' NUGGET that you would be horrified to observe the bone stripping process which provides the substance of that non-food.
Of course chicken meat tastes great - keep your own poultry happy in a garden, then kill as needed, humanely and swiftly.
Eating meat loaded with the adrenalin of terror is what's destroying the health of this 'first' world.

... and dont get me started on what's in canned petfoods

Ozfemme said...

massel is perhaps the best stock powder I've found, when I haven't the time to stand over the pot muttering, "double, double, toil and trouble" - sort of thing.. and it's kosher too.

I was also wondering last night why they have to put Heroes on so late....

JahTeh said...

Jeebus Bwca, you told me everything except how do they get chicken into a vegetable stock with no animal content. I suspect chemical engineering.

Bella, I agree. I keep a carton of liquid for soup and powder for making up small amounts for risotto.
At least it's only 'Heroes' now that 'Lost' is over for the season.
I must look up the episodes for the first season and see where it all started, now that I'm hooked.

Jayne said...

Love Massel, chuck a bit in everything and you can't go wrong.

Lord Sedgwick said...

What Bella dit.

For us G.F. mob it's a godsend.

River said...

I use this particular brand to make my soups. Love the taste. If you read the carton more carefully I think you'll find it says Chicken Style not just chicken. It's aimed at vegetarians.

River said...

Wait a minute, are you talking about the Massel stock powder? Or the liquid stock or the stock cubes? I buy the liquid and the cubes, pretty sure the cubes also say chicken style. The beef cubes definitely do.

sarah said...

I know that what you feed animals is supposed to influence how they taste; so does that mean that Massel feed their vegetables lots of chickens?

JahTeh said...

River, you're right. I was reading it from the catalogue and it's tiny black writing on blue so I had to take off my glasses to read it. Mystery solved.

Sedgwick, your blog's going screwy again. Have you been messing with ASIO again?

phil said...

Soooo...the beef is chicken style?

Explains everything.

Davo said...

um, am all fer genetic modification. Cows are passe. Should be be more chooks with four legs.

JahTeh said...

Sarah, lots of little chemical chickens for us late-turning vegos who've not quite lost the taste.

Phil, what about some chicken flavoured home brew?

Davo, don't even whisper that, they're probably working on it as we speak.

Helen said...

One of my ickiest memories is a Jamie Oliver episode - in the series where he went into a British school and tried to teach them about good eating - he gave them an exercise in what's actually in chicken nuggets.
He put all the rubbish and skin in a blender, let them have a good look and then whizzed it up.
Very valuable lesson for the kids, who have barely touched a nugget since.

Helen said...

I mean, mine have barely touched a nugget since.

R.H. said...


The way you treat your poor mother is nearly a disgrace.

Wake up to yourself.


R.H. said...

She's no chicken.

Middle Child said...

I am with you here Brownie...we never ate the chooks we had because the eggs were too wonderful and the poor old chooks desreved a quiet life after they finished laying I thought. I agree about the terrorised part and the racing...its a cruel bloody thing

JahTeh said...

No she's not a chicken, Robbert, she's a bloody old vulture who is chewing on my carcase before I've died.

Helen, I loved it when Macca's had to admit that they'd made their chicken nuggets from bits and pieces and tofu.

Therese, I could never eat something I'd known personally. My sister married into a farming family and the first meal of roast chicken was nearly the last when she looked out the windeow and the farm cats were playing toss with the chook's head.

River said...

When I found out that chicken nuggets were made from the rubbish bits, I started making my own, from a flattened chicken breast fillet, cut into bits about one and a half inches square, then dipped in flour egg and breadcrumbs, just like a schnitzel. Fiddly to make, but yummy to eat. I usually make lots so that I can freeze some, saves time so next time I feel like nuggets, I just get pre-prepared out of the freezer.

R.H. said...

Greetings. Sometimes I look down at the railway line here: the vast kaleidoscope of life: carriages full of cattle, intent on getting to the abbatoirs.
At night it's the same thing, as they're on their way back.
They look funny.
Public Transport: they must have it! And I must look, like Hal Porter on his balcony. And I am a peeper, a voyeur, solitary and crazy.
This arvo I did an odd thing, went to McDonalds and ate a cheeseburger. Strange, but I just felt like it. And what a surprise; everything laid on. "Eat here or take away?" that's what they said. "Take away," I decided, not wanting to trouble them. But I sat down anyway, and found today's Heraldsun on the table(knocked about but okay) and a big screen TV was showing the news. Good heavens, what luxury, all for $2.10, and I think they even undercharged me.
Well it's embarrassing to say how I felt, it's like the worker's paradise had arrived. Of course, capitalism is a devil, wanting your soul. But has to court you. Go in, stay distant and there's benefit, poor bums have a place to go.

R.H. said...

Hi. Nothing happening here.

Read this, it's true:

One day Peter W visited his mother's house and found his brother Geoff (my biographical subject) in the bath. He thought it a bit odd because Geoff wasn't living there at the time. "Where's Mum?" he asked. Geoff was annoyed. "Gone out." he said.
After looking around a bit, the very worried Pete left through the back door and up the driveway, passing mother's body by a few metres, she was under the house.

R.H. said...

I have to be careful, this is a special case; the family are not to be identified, by Supreme Court Order.

R.H. said...

Hi. Well good heavens, if I blogged I'd post every day.
Which is why I am not a blogger, ha ha ha.
Now then, as a castrated man and poodle lapdog I'm 'hurt' at the suggestion Miz Panz (Way of the Pair) closed her comments because of me. She did not. She closed them because Miz Baroque left a comment saying she only came to her (Miz Panz Way of the Pair) blog to read my "japes". Okay? Good. Because unlike some of you old queens I only ever comment on a few blogs and unlike your comments mine are exquisite.
OH poo! poo! poo!- just be quiet, and stop trawling Prahran in the daylight you broken-down old fairy your compexion is so bad you need a skin transplant! What? Blonde- wigged old desperate? Well! Maybe I am, but at least I don't chase old men with comb-overs every pension day YOU DREARY JADED OLD QUEEN!!!


R.H. said...

Of the four Coles supermarkets around here only Footscray sells Tandoori chicken which I believe comes from India and is the only chicken I like. While you're there you can also visit the twin continents in Footscray Mall: Africa one end, Asia the other -quite a saving on getting a passport etc, although you won't be able to say as our fatarse women do in foreign countries "We're from Australia." (big smile). Anyway, try a goat meat sandwich at Booboowots. Delicious!

R.H. said...

Miz P----v sits on a "sofa".

Couches are for commoners.

The old bat, she wouldn't know Literature if it put the hard word on her.

JahTeh said...

Dear Robbert, I was about to post that I was closing down for a few days while I recover from a mother induced breakdown but I can see I can leave the blog in your capable hands. No snarks, I want to see the intelligence you're always boasting about.

R.H. said...

Wooh!- looks like I'll have to go out and have some experiences!

R.H. said...

My little darlings I never lie to you.

I have no use for fiction.

R.H. said...

Far from boasting about it, I have never claimed to be intelligent, never claimed it in any way at all. And in fact, Great Lord Chief High Justice Blogpersons feeling power for once in their lives have pronounced me quite stupid. Good.
Because I claim out-of-the-ordinary experience, that's all, foreign to them. I'm not on their side of the fence, and am glad of it. What a blessing.