Wednesday, July 08, 2009


This is from our local paper:

A drunk driver crashed his car after accidentally stabbing himself in the leg with a knife while peeling an orange.

He blew five times the legal limit and lost his licence after his car careered out of control on Wells Road. He had consumed a cocktail of beer and spirit mixers.

The moral of the story is - never drink, drive and peel, it just proves three times over what an idiot you are.


Andrew said...

Not sure about you, but if I have had a drink or three, I don't much think of eating oranges.

Jayne said...

Total idiot.
I wish they'd insert drunk drivers' keys where the sun doesn't shine, it would be a far better deterrent.

Mikhela said...

The orange does seem odd.

Ampersand Duck said...

wow, just think, if he'd snuffed himself, he would have been up for a Darwin Award. Is there an equivalent award for those who are surviving idiots?

River said...

So which would you recommend not doing? The drinking? The driving? The peeling?
The roads are full of idiots who think they're invincible.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, my father would get Sunday pissed and then go looking for a sponge cake and cream, anything sweet but then he was only driving his chair.

Jayne, I have zero tolerance for drunk drivers having been married to one. I've walked out on him and got an taxi home rather than get in a car with Mr Invincible.

Mikhela, I'm wondering how he thought he could manage a knife let alone use it on an orange.

Duckie, I love those Darwin Awards.
I saw a promo for 'The amazing race' last night which showed a bungee jump down the face of a dam (not the water side) and my blood froze. Not for two million dollars would I consider that.

River, apparently it's no good taking the keys or their licence because they drive anyway. We should use Jayne's suggestion but instead of keys, an alarm that activates when they sit behind a wheel.

Maria said...

I always think much of eating oranges!

But not of drink-driving.

JahTeh, I have not been married to a drink-driver but I donn't have much tolerance for drink-driving either.

Basically, drinking is a responsibility. Driving is a responsibility. Put them together and you get a big responsibility - something you need people to make a very responsible decision about!

Trouble is I think both drinking and driving are also bound up with image and ego. And enjoyment and convenience. So many people will think of that first instead of their responsibilities.

R.H. said...

Maria is a cutiepie.

Link said...

ESL perhaps RH? Yes, agree sweet (& smart).

Link said...

I always think much
Better perhaps:
I think greatly
For oranges?
I greatly enjoy oranges.
Less emphasis of enjoyment for the humble orange perhaps?
I do like a good orange as opposed to a bad orange or one that makes you go . . . remember Lucille Ball trying to do the Gherkin commercial without the body shivering squirm as she bit into it? Like that.

JahTeh said...

Maria, you are so right. My ex was caught by the police right outside my mother's front window and did she enjoy the show.
I love the thought of an orange but I've developed a citrus intolerance. Me, with a yard full of citrus trees.

Caroline, an ice cold Valencia, very sweet and juicy, now just a memory.

R.H. said...

What does ESL mean?

Is it 'English Second language'?

JahTeh said...

On the button, Robbert.

My second language is Foul with a French twist.

Middle Child said...

Who peels an orange with a knife..thats what teeth and fingies are for...sacre bleu