Wednesday, July 29, 2009

TODAY I HAD TO..........

Clean the bathroom.
I can't wait until I have enough money to rip the bath out and have a walk in shower.
Without a door.
Without a step.
It's very uncomfortable to trip up the step and shove a toothbrush half-way up one's nose.
Which I did last night.
Which brought me nose and toothbrush close enough to the tiles to notice the flourishing ecosystem taking over the grout.
See when you get old, your eyes go and you skip over things that don't actually beat you over the head and say clean me.

Remind my mother that I had a husband for thirty years.
Goddess knows I'd like to forget.
But his name and his face?
She couldn't place him and I could almost hear the bell ring when the brain connected.

Feed the freeloading feathered stomachs that peer in my kitchen window.
They peer menacingly.
Alfred Hitchcock has a lot to answer for.
Just wait until I have enough money to brick in the back yard.
Little bastards will break their beaks picking up seed.


River said...

Snap! I had a flourishing eco-sysytem in my bathroom grout too. See, I work hard packing tons of groceries everyday, so hubby says don't wear yourself out, you need to be fit for work tomorrow. Leave the cleaning/vacuuming/dishes to me. HAH!! Last weekend *I* cleaned the bathroom, next weekend I'm planning on finding the vacuum cleaner....

phil said...

You've got birds trained to pick bricks up? That's pretty special.

WV: worme. What you find in the grout ecosystem.

Jayne said...

Throw bleach at it.
Straight bleach, do not dilute.
Wash off with next shower.
Or use the ex-hubbie as a scourer.

JahTeh said...

River, you have the same dirt-blindness that I have and you mentioned vacuum cleaner and I had to really think where mine was.
It's still in the same place in the bedroom waiting to vac the other half of the room and I've been walking past it for at least 3 weeks.

Phil, the size of the maggies and the ravens around here, it wouldn't surprise me what they'd pick up. They're just so demanding where food's concerned.

Jayne, problem here. I have to get into the shower to see the grout so the bleach fumes are likely to knock me out and since I'm in the shower sans clothes, it would not be a pretty sight. Next problem, I can't kneel down so have to bend from the waist, also not a pretty sight. Problem three, I fill the shower standing up so you can imagine how little room there is, bending over.

Middle Child said...

Falling hurts more these days and usually leaves something painful that you carry to the me I know...take care...toothbrush up the nose...hurties...