Wednesday, July 29, 2009


That year went fast although I have decided not to get any older. My age will remain the same as last year's, an official secret. It's all winter and drabness so I thought a spring like birthday would be nice. And so.......

Shut up, he qualifies as springlike, he has flowers on his luscious body and is holding a rose. He's also useful for handing out the cake.

Very spring like and not easy making green look good. If your cupcake croaks, you've found the secret Kermit and you'll win a prize. Luscious up there is on the list but if you fancy something else, you're out of your mind.

Also springy was dying my hair blonde. AAAAARRGGGHHHHH! Panic Panic Panic

Never mind the clean bathroom, where's the bloody hair dye. Oh Goddess, my eyes, my eyes!

Never, never do that again.

Oh that's better, I'm back to being me. Red hair is so slimming. One should never tamper with perfection. (stop that drooling Lad Litter) I don't know who the blokes are in the background, I only ever see me when I'm around. Look a lot like bloggers though.

A spring tiara for my hair, lovely red hair, lovely lovely red hair. A bit of bling's always nice even if I did have to buy it myself.

Still with the spring theme. I love dragonflies.

Another kind of fly. I had the broom modified. One must make some concession to age and weight. Not my weight, just look at the armour I'm carrying around up there. A bit weird on the cornering and not as fast but light on the landing and take off speed, wow, 0 to 2kmh in one hour.

And the day's good luck, the Bouvier Sisters stayed away.


JahTeh said...

Stupid blogger. This was supposed to be published on Friday. It's bad enough being this age without losing a day of the old one.

Jayne said...

Many Happy Returns! :)

Ann oDyne said...

The pink flowered green cakes are just wonderful, as is the Floral-Boy.
I am straining for a botanic name for which flower he might be of course ... deadly nightshade? You could make his night deadly that's fer shure.

"I only see ME when I'm around" is fabulous, as you are - Happy Day!

JahTeh said...

Jayne, there had better be many happy returns, I intend to live longer than the ex even if it's by 5 minutes.

We'll share Floral-Boy. He's much too pretty to share with CameraFace.

R.H. said...

Yesterday in the checkout at Coles a big woman with a full trolly let me go ahead because I only had a few things, then she watched what I put on the counter and a museli bar set her off: "Bird seed!" she hollered, and laughed. "Fancy anyone living on stuff like that! You deserve a clip over the ear," and copped me an elbow to the ribs instead, I thought of you Miss J. Happy Birthday.

Link said...

HaPPY Birthday

Andrew said...

Hey, I like pretty. Best wishes my dear, but we all know you will never see 40 again

Marshall-Stacks said...

Wrong Andrew - Cwitch will "see 40 again" when next year I send her a card that says Happy 40th !!! bwah ha ha

River said...

It's your birthday? Happy Birthday. I'm not singing it....Enjoy the lovely spring cakes, they look delicious.

Jayne said...

Saw a perfect card for you yesterday, J, on the cover it says
"She could see no damn good reason to act her age".
Or there was one of the 1940s gals in their bathers in the surf with linked arms under the caption of "Born to be wild".

phil said...

Seems like you have everything you need, enjoy!

Lad Litter said...

Happy Birthday, Jahteh.

"I don't know who the blokes are in the background, I only ever see me when I'm around. Look a lot like bloggers though."

That's me. second from the left, pointy ears.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, how rude! It wasn't me as I love muesli bars but I do let people go in front if I have a full trolley. Damn you all to heck Rh, now I want a muesli bar and with seeds.

Thank you Caroline, my mother remembered but I think someone tipped her off. My present was a piece of her jewellery which she thought was really nice and looked a lot like one she already had.

Cameraface, I'm heartily glad I will never see 40 again. It was a shit age and I was married. I like now.

River, have not replied to your email because I'm still laughing. It didn't arrive in time to include in the birthday post and anyway it looks far too much like me.

Quite right Jayne, acting my age would mean looking at skanky old blokes instead of Mr Luscious. I was born to be wild and am still waiting for the urge to commit mayhem.

Not everything Phil, not a drop of home brew in the house. Please send a truck.

Lad Litter, I knew it was you with the drooling and the beady peering eyes and the desperate sighing.

David said...

Oh, lookee .. there's me! (back row, seventh spear from the left in the perve squad).

Um, oops, dammit, am connected to the wrong Gaggle account. One of these days will figure out how to get into the picture, front row centre .. heh.


(oh, by the way, Happy "Not Having a Birthday")

hazelblackberry said...

Happy birthday!

Flower boy looks a bit too sensitive for me, but I hope he pays you a visit sometime soon. Ooo-er.

JahTeh said...

Hb, at my age, sensitivity is at the top of the list or maybe second after pretty or just before not interested in wild sex.

Davo, I consider myself lucky to have made it this far with the birthdays. It's no good trying to make the front row with me there, like trying to move a semi-trailer.

Middle Child said...

Happy Birthday to you...and who cares what the age as long as we are on the right side of the grass...And yes you do look much slimmer with red hair...its amazing.

Ozfemme said...

Apologies for the lateness but Happy Birthday You Gorgeous Flame Haired Beauty! Have I missed the cake??

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you JahTeh :)

I loved the cake - any left for me ? !!

The tiara is georgous and the dragonfly :)

My first visit here, but I cannot find how to join your site, can you let me know please.

Have a great day/night .....

JahTeh said...

BrendaRose, welcome to the asylum but as to joining the site, just open the door and walk in. I'm on dial-up internet so don't do the blogger following thingy as it slows everything down to a crawl.

Bella, of course you've missed the cake and the Kermit special but what do you expect, hanging around with Frenchmen and busting corsets.

Therese, I don't mind being old in the slightest. I do mind all the bits that are falling off, sagging in the wrong places and the general ticking of the clock way too fast.

Ann oDyne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
R.H. said...

She's a good poet.

Helen said...

Many belated happy returns, JT!