Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I dream in all colours and go to a lot of places and see people I haven't seen for years mostly because they're dead.
Some dreams are just jumbles but at other times I really feel that I've been somewhere which according to the New Agers means that I've been astral travelling.

So I'm not quite sure what to make of last night's dream.
A nice sunny day, a backyard barbecue and lot's of people, can't say friends because I didn't recognize anyone.
The trouble started when I discovered the S-bend of the toilet had been stolen as in removed, taken away, hidden and I'm standing in a foot of water beside a lonely throne.
The women of the group immediately blamed the men.
I'll go along with that as it's the kind of stupid thing men would do just to show they can go behind the nearest lemon tree.
The party degenerated into a women's talkfest of all the stupid things men do and don't do with regard to toilets. The seat left up was mild compared to some other stupid things.
I woke up before the actual 'picking up the porcelain and throw it' part of the party started and it was definitely heading in that direction.

I know my life is a bit crap at the moment but I don't expect it to impact on my dream life which I like to be run more along the lines of Daniel Craig bringing me a Pina Colada and letting me drink it out of his navel.

Tonight I think I'll go for the astral travel to one of those resorts with a booze bar in the middle of a shaded swimming pool.


Ozfemme said...

and where the drinks are served in Daniel Craig's navel, sans the fluff, no doubt.

You are naughty.

River said...

I've had several dreams where I thought I was actually "there", so I guess I've been astral travelling too, when waking the dream memory was so vividly etched in my mind that I immediately wrote them down. I had a notebook with about six dreams written. Then the dreams stopped and it was back to the usual "this is nice/funny/horrible, but I know it's a dream" type of thing. I've lost or thrown away the notebook, but I still remember those particular dreams.

JahTeh said...

Bella, if I was naughty, I'd have told you what I was using for the swizzle stick.

River, I have a few of those dreams that linger and when I read what I've written, they come back vividly. Apparently if you wake up still feeling tired then you've been travelling or mucking about with Daniel Craig.

Jayne said...

For fab vivid dreams take Champix the give-up-smoking drug (yes, it worked for me). Amazingly brilliant dreams - something to do with the neural receptors in the grey matter getting tweaked for smoking or something but heck it was fun; night after night of realistic, technicolour adventures

Kath Lockett said...

Or drink Dilmah's decaffeinated tea - very, v-e-r-y trippy dreams to be had later that night....

JahTeh said...

Kath, your dreams are coming from chocolate deprivation. Are you sure that 5 day migraine wasn't the body crying out for a fix?
Decaffeinated tea is like de-caf coffee or compound chocolate, the Devil's revenge on Heaven's delights.

Jayne, has the smoking gone for good? My sister is thinking on that road to wellness, taking very tiny steps to a decision. I suspect those dreams of yours had a soundtrack of glorious snoring.

Middle Child said...

Its the dreram with in a dream within a dream that i hate...haven't had one of them for ages, but some are really freaky