Thursday, August 13, 2009


I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard that or read it in a book, usually one of Barbie Cartland's.

But this morning as I was racing for the bus I noticed that every nature strip and lawn was actually covered in dew drops and sparkling like little diamonds.

I slowed down (missed the bus by that much) just to look. It really was beautiful. The sun was at the right angle and not yet warm enough to dry the grass.

The next time I read a Cartland description of her heroine looking delicate in a lace dress covered in sequins and sparkling like dew drops, I'll know exactly how it looks.

I'm still gobsmacked at the sight. It probably happens a lot but I'm usually still in bed and not rambling along at the right time.

I will carry the sight as I ring the hospital to see how Medusa got on with the bone scan.


River said...

I've seen sparkling dew drops, it really is a magnificent sight isn't it? I haven't read a Barbara Cartland for yonks. I once owned a copy of The Reluctant Heart and it was my favourite, but it's vanished after many house moves. Probably thrown out with the packaging at one move.

JahTeh said...

River, it wasn't just in one place but all the way to the bus stop, like fairy land. I have to say it was an uplifting of the spirit.

Mother left the hospital at 10.30 this morning and had just returned after I logged off. A long day which will knock her about and she'll sleep well tonight.

River said...

Try getting up early on a sunny winter morning after a clear night. The frost on the grass is a lovely sight. no need to go outside and freeze your toes off, just look out the windows and get straight back into bed after. Mum's okay now? Did the bone scan reveal anyhting sinister? I'm thinking I should have a bone density check this year or sometime soon, I've never had one and don't drink milk or eat much cheese. So far, so good though, in 57 years I've never yet broken a bone.

Jayne said...

How are the dew drops this morning, J?

WV -blemble
Sounds about right!

R.H. said...

When I was about twenty-four I had a life-changing moment on a tram up Swanston street. It had been raining, and for the first time in my life I noticed the prettiness of raindrops on a window pane. I appreciated then good reasons for the nice streets in Toorak, the lovely gardens there, the statues, fish ponds, the high culture and sensibilities of people living in mansions with polished windows I broke to get in. I understood them now. All their art works, their higher sensibility. Aiming for God.

Maria said...

There is probably a great Barbie Cartland story about her racing for a bus and it getting implanted in her memory forever. she probably has it saved in her clipboard.

It's beautiful. It is so much more beautiful than "sparkling like the sweat on the sumo wrestler's tummy" which I think was one of the earlier versions which ended on the cutting room floor.

Maria said...

My WV is 'puratic'.

That's what those dewdrops are, puratic.

The dewdrops sparkled in the morning, their puratic glow shone before me in the radiance of the dawn. Or something

JahTeh said...

River, the day I get up early on a sunny winter morning is the morning I've won tattslotto, nothing else would get me out of bed.

Jayne, see next post and blemble was just the right word. WV now is sanumbo, also right.

Rh, sometimes things like this creep up on you and you look at it as though you've never seen it before and it feels good.

JahTeh said...

Maria, why are you looking for another job, just write a Cartland?
I'm going to have to look that word up and I'm in no condition to hold a book.