Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I always thought I had a garden beds full of snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) but not so. Snowdrops are delicate, tempermental and hard to grow and expensive to buy.

So this is what I have growing, Snowflakes (Leucojum aestivum). Easy to grow and cheap which explains why they've been coming up every year for the last 15 instead of keeling over like every thing else does in my garden.
And that's the last intelligent post you'll be getting for a week or two. Mother is in hospital likely to be assessed as high level nursing care which means straight from there to a nursing home and we must rustle up a list of five by the end of this week. She doesn't know yet and we aren't telling her until the last possible moment.


River said...

Sad for your mum, but she'll be better off and so will you. Hopefully you'll quicklyfind a place you are all happy with. I love the snowflake picture. I spotted some of those peeking through a fence while walking home from work today.

Andrew said...

Good luck with it sister.

Marshall-Stacks said...

You have been supplying that 'high level care' up to now, and I am glad you are getting a break from it.
Dr Quinn Medicine-Woman would have said "my work here is done" well before this. You have gone well beyond 'duty' and can rest guilt-free.
Sit back and smell the snowdrops.

Helen said...

What that person said.

I thought we had snowdrops, but what we ACTUALLY have is ONION WEED. There's a metaphor in that somewhere folks.

Anonymous said...

All the best with your mum and lots of love.

Mindy said...

Good luck with the nursing homes. I hope you find one that you like and feel comfortable with. You have earned a rest, long ago.

R.H. said...

This was always going to happen to mother, and finally has. You're very good to her and I'm not surprised, dear-heart that you are.

Ampersand Duck said...

Grit your teeth for a barrage of angriness from her; she'll love being cared for but will never admit it to you.

And you enjoy the mental peace once she's there.

Best of luck!

Kath Lockett said...

Hey best of luck. Sounds like it will be better for her and for you.

And so what if your snowflakes are the cheapies; they're gorgeous!

Jayne said...

Sandringham has a beaut rep, hope you're able to get her in somewhere decent.
Please be careful and look after yourself as you're going to hit a brickwall once the weight is off your shoulders.

JahTeh said...

Only one comment for everyone.
Some halfwit mentioned 'nursing home' in her hearing and she's digging in the heels already. Not that we've said anything, we can't without the assessment but it's going to be the battle of Midway crossed with the charge of the Light Brigade across the fields of Gettysburg.
She's going to the Alfred tomorrow for a bone scan to see if there are cancer mets.
And after being in Sandy for 3 days and not having to struggle up and down, she's looking great and the scheming to get home has begun.

Ozfemme said...

Burning a candle for you and making a wish. X X Bella

phil said...

Been there once, doing it again, good luck but you deserve it.

WV too good not to mention, imighti!

R.H. said...

Mother is lucky, the latte set would have slammed her into an old folk's home years ago -any joint would do, long as it was cheap. Some old people become self-centered anyway. You have to tell her the worry is wearing you down. And if you've told her already, tell her again. Be definite, or you might pop off before she does.

Zoe said...

Big hug, J.

And then a lovely cup of tea and some chocolate in peace.