Saturday, October 24, 2009


That's a person who's reading every word in the WeightWatchers magazine while snarfing the whole box of Cadbury's Favourites because they were half price in Coles and they tripped me up as I walked past.

I need them, stress is becoming a way of life and chocolate de-stressing is the only way I can cope.

Trotted off to the Pink Ribbon afternoon tea, caught the bus so up there to Agoraphobia but found the old girl in bed again. A reaction to the huge dose of penicillan to clear her lung infection. Her right leg from knee to ankle had come up in a red swelling. I sat with her and missed all the pink cake which is why the Favourites managed to trip me up on the way home.

The phone hasn't rung so she's still on the planet but I have to break my rule of not seeing her on Sunday and go down tomorrow. Did I mention that this blog was going back to posting serious science stuff? Dreaming, wasn't I!


River said...

Better to be tripped up by Cadbury favourites than by a can of kidney beans.....

iODyne said...
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iODyne said...

no no no, not hypocrisy.
hypocrisy is very bad and only awful people have it. Wot you got dere is de Triumph Of Hope Over Environment.
A Virtue.
and if you gone be bloggin de seriuz science stuff then start with all de evidence dat de cho-co-late has de feel-good drug in it. Being a POSH addict, my dealer is Bendick, Lord Cadbury of Lindt.

Kath Lockett said...

I agree with River and Marshall - hypocrisy is an overused word in these stressful times.
....besides I *love* inhaling choccies whilst watching starving and snarling contestants fight it out on Survivor.

Middle Child said...

Hope your mum is okay. Hypocrites don't recognise and acknowledge their part in things whereas you do it constantly...okay take it easy on yourself.

Brian Hughes said...

Bottle of whiskey on its way to help wash the chockies down.

Ozfemme said...

I wait until Biggest Loser is on the telly and then I sit down and can/will/have consume(d) a six pack of Boysenberry Cornettos.

Of course I take the dog for a walk, around the house, later.

Your mum is very blessed to have you as a daughter. x x x

(PS Pencils is playing her viola right at the moment, to an audience consisting of a pink and white flowery mouse :))

Jayne said...

Bollocks, that's not being a hypocrite.
You're allowed to do what you want, when you want and however you want.
Vanessa Amorosi says it perfectly.

hazelblackberry said...

I like the way Marshall-Stacks says it. You should listen to him...her...them.

JahTeh said...

River, they're still on special until Thursday but unwrapping the fiddly little papers before I can get to the chocs tries my patience.
Do that come under the heading of exercise?

Stacks, you swine, Bendick's mint sticks, Cadbury Roast Almond and Lindt anything. I am a fallen woman.

Kath, I am doing that meme. I don't mind the eating when Survivor is on but visions of refugee camps always catch me with a luscious creme de something going in the gob.

Therese, it appears that it is cellulitis not uticaria but I can't fault the treatment from her doctor or the nursing staff.

Only if you bring it in person, Lord Hughes, but make sure the seal is unbroken. I'm not that trusting where your Lancashire habits are concerned.

Another swine, Bella you have no idea how much I love berry ice-creams and I don't even have a dog to exercise. By the way that doesn't count as exercise unless you live in Buckingham Palace.

HB, Stacks is a her and is stacked, there are internet photos to prove it. That'll get the boys drooling so I'm not telling them where.

Jayne, it's no good giving me YouTubes, I'm already pedalling as fast as I can to comment.
I've found out that there is a photo at the Mentone railway station of a baker's horse and cart and it's my father standing beside it. I could hardly climb on the seat to look closely but I'm told it is him about 15 or 16. He got fired because he used to take the stale cakes to the old men's home (Kingston) to sell but he was such a softy he used to give them away.
The best part was after they took the photo, it was discovered he was standing in a pile of horse cookies.

JahTeh said...

Dammit Jayne, I was so excited I just gave away a good blog post.