Monday, October 26, 2009


I can see the carpet apart from cake crumbs, bits of lace, shredded paper and a layer of dust.
I can almost get the doors closed on the lace cupboard.
I have six empty plastic boxes and enough empty plastic bags for 12 months of garbage.

And I can't stand Mozart.

I'm going through 40 CDs of mum's music, most of it Mozart, before I turf the lot to the op-shop.

Listening to 10 minutes of Mozart a day is supposed to be calming to the nerves and increase the brain power of children. *raspberries*

But I feel obliged to listen just once to something that she adores.

She wants the Requiem played at her funeral.

This means I have to keep listening til I find it.

The only way to get rid of a Mozart earworm is to play the 1812 Overture, loudly.


Brian Hughes said...

Ein Klein Nacht Musak -- Mozart for those trapped in lifts overnight.

iODyne said...

Congratulations on a job well done.
and I love the 1812 - more music should have parts for cannons.
Some of it's melody is the Tsarist National Anthem - "god save the emperor, ruler and guide, god thunders by his side as he goes to war" - that bit. I can sing it, and La Marsellaise (en Francais) but advance australia fair is a complete mystery to me.
It's probably good that you loathe Mozzie, the Requium won't upset you.
I have been to a funeral where Swan Lake was played.
Judy Garland had 'Happy Days Are Here Again'. what music would you like?

Jayne said...

Some ear worm removal lyrics -
Vanessa Amorosi This Is Who I Am.

And Bob Dylan's Christmas Island Xmas Song.
Which, if you ever actually hear it, will make your ears bleed.

Jayne said...

Those links are just lyrics, btw, no youtube or vids.

I'll have to grab the pics at Mentone station when I'm next down there, J ;)

River said...

My mum loved Mozart too, and all those other classical dudes. I remember visiting one year when my youngest brother was still alive and we had a great time listening to music. Bro and I weren't classical fans and mum didn't think much of our musical choices. So we compromised. Out came the record player and tape deck, we sat down with loads of snacks, then spent a whole afternoon listening, one from mum's collection, one from Michael's, one from mine, repeat, repeat, repeat. I remember it now as one of the best afternoons I ever had.

River said...

P.S. Years later I gave her the "Hooked On Classics" set of tapes that came out, in the eighties I think. After she died I searched for them, but they were gone.

JahTeh said...

River, brilliant idea. Has a pop group done a cover of the Requiem, Stacks? I found it this morning and two tracks are okay.

Jayne, the photo is in this week's Kingston News but a bad copy.
'Christmas Island Christmas Song' sounds as though it should be buried somewhere very deep.

More music should be shot out of cannons. The 1812 is majestic and Advance Australia Fair is craptacula. 'I still call Australia Home' was a winner and I can remember the words.
For my funeral, I'm having Celine Dion singing 'Titanic' just to annoy everyone and it's going to be loud.

Fleetwood, I'd be trapped in a lift with you anytime but bring booze and by morning it would be Ein Klein Nacht Spuzak.

Davoh said...

You could always try to find a CD of Rachmaninov's 5th. Guaranteed to blast the ghosts out of anyone's ersatz elevator .. heh.

Davoh said...

Um, while am here and while I think of it (thinking is not a high priority these day) - and being reminded of "cardboard boxes in storage" - would still like to unload the LP's of ...

Pink Floyd - "Dark side of the moon".
"Tommy" - two LP boxed set with lyrics.
"Islands" - King Crimson.
"Hot August Night" - Neil Diamond (2 P's)
Soundtrack LP from Kubrick's "Clockwork Orange"

............... any offers??

iODyne said...

funeral I went to this morning had Amazing Grace in the hymn list.
Beautiful historic church with huge pipe organ (the gold rush built us great churches) but the congregation was half Hilton sisters and half elderly mothballed suits.
It was an endurance trial for arthritic knees too - 'All rise" ... "All stand" to a calisthenic degree really.
After the coffin was out and into the hearse, the gang started to party to the extent that the funeral director practically had to crack a whip to get them to Phase 2 of the process.
Funny business, Undertaking.

Davoh said...

'overtaking' is young people's business - 'undertaking' is elderly people's business .. heh.

Davoh said...

On the other hand, the 'Undertakers' make quite a lot of money out of the 'Overtakers' .. ah, shaddup, move on, davo (must be getting bored).

River said...

Davo, if you still like the music on those albums, but don't have a record player, take them to one of those places that will transfer them to cd for a fee.

Ann ODyne said...

some good info on Mozart and child prodigys at Glasgow Jim Murdoch's blog I recommend.

JahTeh said...

Thanks Annie O, but I've inherited enough books on Moz to keep me unoccupied forever. Some of it is pleasant as background but it doesn't grab me for just listening.

River, my sister, the chucker-outer, did just that with all her vinyl records because she said they were warped. It couldn't have been the cheap record player she got off E-bay, never.

Davo, Love the Rachmaninov and everything I like comes under the heading of 'popular' which puts a sniff under the noses of the music elite but there's a reason it's popular, it's nice to listen to.

Middle Child said...

Look at it this way - better going through the stuff now while your mum is alive - its hell doing it after because you cry over everything - and that takes much longer

DRP said...