Monday, October 12, 2009


I hired a Butler for the day just to open
this gem.

From Dalmore Distillery's 1951 Sirius Vintage

single malt whiskey with a cask strength of 45%

10,000 English quid a bottle

I don't stint for friends

I see someone already gave you a nice tray
but this one is much better for holding the glass.

You see what I mean, frightfully modern but perfect
for the tray.

You've had a balloon ride so

I bought you a yacht.

And a sailor.
I would have wrapped him
but the paper kept getting wet
and falling apart.



Andrew said...

Your generosity knows no bounds Jahteh. All will be gratefully received and consumed with passion. I thank you.

iODyne said...

Oh JT you are a star and a treasure and a clever bad funny girl.

I love typing Hot Andrew, knowing that half the readers don't know the genesis of it, so I will refresh for youse: - some blogger objected to the link to them not having the actual correct name of their blog, and said
"I'd prefer to be called 'Whatever Dude', not just 'Dude', which was quickly followed by "well I'd like everybody to link to me as Fabulous Brownie" and HighRiser said "and I would prefer to be Hot Andrew thanks" ... and he is.
Happy Birthdays mate - the mother should get the gifts if you ask me - frankincense, myrrh and gold etc.

Jayne said...

Very nice for the boi, J, excellent choices ;)

Kath Lockett said...

Damnit - I have to try and roll my tongue back up but it's now got all those gross fluffy bits of carpet and dog hair on it...phtth...

Andrew said...

Thanks Emstacks. I had forgotten the origins too. Lucky you reminded me that it was only self approval.

She's good isn't she Jayne.

Lol at Kath.

JahTeh said...

Dear CameraFace, you make me feel guilty for keeping the best boi for myself but he had green eyes and you know what I'm like with green eyes.

Isn't that glass a peach, Stacks?
I mean I could fall down anywhere with it and not spill a drop. I wonder if it comes in a gallon size for Fleetwood's birthday?

Jayne, only the best now that he's old enough to appreciate the finer things in life.

Kath, when he's not looking, I'll post the one I kept for myself and discerning friends.

If you can't love yourself Birthday Boy, you can't love anyone else.

River said...

Fantastic presents there Jahteh, I love the shape and sparkle of that whisky bottle. Happy Birthday Hawt Andrew. You are old enough to enjoy that whisky I hope?

JahTeh said...

River, he's old enough to drink it and it's old enough to kill him.

hazelblackberry said...

The paper kept getting wet, huh? Was that from you drooling all over it?

JahTeh said...

HB, absolutely not! I just had a bit of trouble tearing it off him with my teeth.