Sunday, October 18, 2009


I am very tired, the kind of tired that brings a total meltdown.

I have two ravens sitting on the fence outside the study window. Ravens are good omens, when they fly away they are supposed to take your troubles with them. They haven't gone yet, they're just sitting there looking in the window, watching me. It's getting very Alfred Hitchock around here.

I did have a post that should have been up last week. The curse of the Hope Diamond strikes again. It's not anywhere, not in drafts nor scheduled posts. Blogger ate my post.

My family ate my brain. I'm letting them walk all over me in an effort to avoid confrontation but the fuse is getting very short.

I'll be back soon or I'll send a raven from the padded cell.


Andrew said...

Very proud that you correctly called them ravens and not crows.

River said...

Deep breaths JT. Deeeep, calming breaths. And chocolate. Or a vanilla slice, whatever's handy.

What is the difference between ravens and crows? Off to google....

iODyne said...

Nevermore quoth the raven.

Jayne said...

Spit the dummy and have at them, J.
Your ravens will thank you for shifting some weight off their shoulders ;)

Ozfemme said...

I agree with Jayne. Morrigan the Raven and her sister are wondering what you're waiting for. Shreak away at 'em.

JahTeh said...

HawtAndrew, of course I know the difference, the Bouvier Sisters are crows.

River, I bought the new chocolate swirl ice-cream on my way home and Coles mint chocolate, that should do it.
Ravens have beady blue eyes, crows have beady black ones and look like my aunts.

Thanks, Stacks, I need to disappear into Wiki for about a month.

Jayne, sister walks away like I've never said anything and I end up a raging lunatic for a week. I have ice-cream and chocolate and an arse approaching the size of a large contintent but it's stopping me from going over the edge.

Oz, why don't you send the kids over, I need something whiney to kick around.

Ozfemme said...


Like I said... give me the address.