Saturday, October 03, 2009


This brilliant photograph was taken by Jimmy and Linda Westlake. It shows the brightest full moon known as the Harvest Moon and the moon itself is photographed through Yellowstone National Park's Old Faithful geyser. You know the drill, click to get the best view.
Daylight saving starts tomorrow and I'm not ready.


JahTeh said...

As I pressed the post button, up sailed the Harvest Moon framed in my study window and it's big and bright.

Marshall-Stacks said...

Full moon in a clear Ballarat sky - which means it will be freezing when everything happens an hour earlier tomorrow - I hate dayslight saving.

Follow this link to a great site of Moon Songs and be surprised at how many of them you know the lyrics to (well I do anyhow)

Ann oDyne said...

ne i prepared earlier, Bill Monroe's great Blue Moon Of Kentucky.
I sing it a lot, only in Alabama:
Blue moon of Alabam won't you keep on shining
Shine on the one that's gone and proved untrue.
Blue moon of Kentucky keep on shining
Shine on the one that's gone and left me blue
It was on a moonlight night
The stars were shining bright
When they wispered from on high Your lover said good-bye
Blue moon of Kentucky keep on shining
Shine on the one that's gone and said good-bye

Andrew said...

What? Daylight saving already? Better turn the clocks back now, ready for the morning.

R.H. said...

Big moon over Coles Williamstown last night as I put my shopping in the car: 1994 Mercedes convertible, Marshall-Stacks is a lesbian.

Moon Mercedes
Full of ladies
Clips the stars
Rotates Mars.


A poet is never bashful. Or he will not recite. Literature is war.


Jahteh is a lesbian.

Jayne said...

Such powerful impressions from them thar big moons.

But are they lesbian librarians, Robbbbbert? :P

R.H. said...

St Kilda Council in the 1960s appointed a librarian "But we haven't got a library" said a councillor "Shut up big mouth" said the mayor. Jane is a lesbian.

River said...

Damn, I completely forgot to look at the moon last night!
I hate daylight saving. It just makes no sense to me.

JahTeh said...

Thanks Robbert, I always thought I was an alien marooned on a blue planet.

Thanks to M-S, I sang all the moon songs and I sing badly.

Cameraface, I've done them all except for the mobile and one I can't get to because there's a tower of lace in front of it.

It's no good talking to him, Jayne, not when he's got Lesbia on his mind.

River, it takes me a month to get used to it and next week we have winter on the doorstep again so what's the point.

R.H. said...

River is a lesbian.

R.H. said...

Kylie Minogue is a lesbian.
Julia Gillard is a lesbian.
Jennifer Byrne is a lesbian.

R.H. said...

Kevin Rudd is a lesbian.