Monday, October 05, 2009


I never thought I would get tired of looking at lace but another week of sleeping with it, stepping over it and trying to fit it in one cupboard might just do it.

My mother must have cornered the market on pins, needles and safety pins. They're in everything, jars, boxes, pin cushions and take a tip from me, never use a pin cushion that doesn't have a hard bottom. The sewing needles disappear into the soft ones and picking them up the wrong way is a surefire recipe for punctured fingers.
If my money does run out, I can always dress like a gypsy and go door to door selling pins and ribbons.

So today was my day for getting a handle on this Agoraphobia which I didn't realize was as bad as it is. I was pretty wonky going to Bendigo but I think I fooled everyone by not passing out so who would have thought getting around Mentone would have me hyperventilating and leaning against fences. I've lived here all my life so it's not unfamiliar, it's just out of the 3km range that's been my lot for the past 3 years. This morning I decided to take a bus to Dingley, not far but I haven't been there for a long time. Walking to the stop was a joy since I think I might have broken my toe last night wandering around in the dark but I put on the granny stompers and made it okay. Toe was nicely purple when I took the sneaker off though.

I always thought teenagers and mobile phones were a pain but four 30 somethings in the coffee shop were all shouting on their phones, talking to each other and drinking coffee. I had mine outside, in the open air, so far so good. Caught the bus home but should have got off at the DFO and walked through the park as the next stop meant 15 minutes of waiting to cross Centre Dandenong road but there were no hard rubbish collections in the park to fossick through. Pickings were slim this year but I did find two brand new wicker baskets. The house is full of rubbish and I couldn't resist two wicker baskets.

Next week I might try going to Oakleigh by bus and getting a train back which means changing at Caulfield. Of course, it's not a good idea to fight this while cutting back on the anxiety medication but as long as there's a cake shop where I can self medicate with food, I'm okay. It's a shame I'm trying to diet as well.

If you happen to see a fat redhead re-breathing CO2 from a cake bag, say hello, it's me.


River said...

Re-breathing CO2 from a cake bag? Be sure and shake the crumbs out first. You don't want to be inhaling those. Good on you for getting out and about. It's good weather for it.

JahTeh said...

River, it wasn't this morning but blue skies in my window now and we were supposed to get rain. I think it's only mild agoraphobia linked with a fear of falling over in a strange place but if I don't start I will stay inside forever.

R.H. said...

When you come here you can fall over in my strange place. There's lots to trip on.

Jayne said...

At Oakleigh turn right at the Junction Hotel (which will be straight ahead of you as you come out of the station) and head up Portman St where you'll soon come across a fantastic cake shop called NIKO.
I in hale the calories from the other side of the road as I pass by but it's ok, they're just delicious!

You've got a good plan there, good luck :)

JahTeh said...

Robbbert, 'there's lots to trip on', you old hippie, LSD, magic mushrooms, Angel's trumpets?

Way to go Jayne, help with the diet is appreciated. There's a pub in Oakleigh? I remember the cemetary so you'd think I'd remember the pub.

Andrew said...

Station Hotel in Oakleigh Jahteh, or it used to be. Nice outings and pick your day weather wise.

JahTeh said...

HawtAndrew, I still can't place the pub which probably says a lot about my mispent youth although my favourite haunt was The London Hotel.

Andrew said...

Yeah know, that one. You are such an eastern suburbs lass.

Middle Child said...

"Re-breathing CO2 from a cake bag?"
you make me laugh and I sure need a laugh...I can almost see you writing this...its what i would say if i thought of it - for me its not cake but kardonnay