Friday, February 26, 2010


A lot and is on going.
Found out why (in part) the computer has been so slow. When IE8 downloaded and installed itself, in uninstalled IE7 so when I ditched IE8, I ended up with what was left, IE6. Thank you to the website that pointed this out to me.

The print spooler problem is still with me but I just go in to 'my computer' and start it up. Now that IE8 is with
me maybe Microsoft will finally fix it.

I've had a lovely time losing and finding toolbars, menu bars, helpful google rubbish I don't need.
Now somewhere along the line, a box popped up with print size and stupid me clicked medium. I now need a microscope to read the Daily Mail. (Antikva, I can hear you sniggering from Benders) Just email and tell me how to go back.

Thank you to River who sent me the coding instructions for the DVD and it worked. My 'Serenity' is back on the big screen.

Thank you to the Bwca who plays Ebay like a violin and found me the special edition of The Jewel in the Crown for mother's birthday.

Speaking of mother, she has ordered a seat belt for the wheel chair so she doesn't fall out going down hills.

As for the cat, she has a new dish, expensive food and a slave.
She also has sharp claws and this morning missed the window ledge in the lounge room and like a cartoon cat slid to the carpet and shredded the voile curtains.

As for the putting away of things, there are bits of carpet that haven't seen the light of day since before Christmas and I'm really motivated by the pile of lovely new books that can't be read until the clean-up is finished. Motivation is a 400 page book on Tiaras.

Now if I could just find that print button I'd be happy.


Elisabeth said...

So much to do for a technophobe. It all seems to work out in the end though, doesn't it? Thank god for the bloggers.

Brian Hughes said...

"...the special edition of The Jewel in the Crown for mother's birthday."

I've got the extra-special edition of that. Somebody's recorded over it with a copy of Debbie Does Dallas, which is why it's so special.

Andrew said...

You won't get into too much trouble if you never allow a Microsoft update to anything. Just say no.

JahTeh said...

Elisabeth, I don't care what anyone says, you never get this kind of connection with Facebook.
And I found the text size button which was on the tool bar that was lost and found.

Jeebus, Hughes, I know Fleetwood's boring on a Saturday night but DDD is the best you can watch? Still it is every schoolboy's greatest memory. I think even HawtAndrew has watched it.

Andrew, I got into more trouble by disabling the updates. Now I can't remember where that is, more exploring coming up.

Jayne said...

Firefox, J, go for Firefox, much better and more reliable browser than IE any number.
Try for harness seat belt, easier on old bones than the sash type.
Is the wheelchair delivered yet? Can you get the sort that the seat tilts backwards? Dad's got that, much better for hills.

Kath Lockett said...

...sounds like you're getting very close to sorting it out!

Seatbelts for wheelchairs, eh? I'd never even have thought about it...

antikva said...

still having fun I see :p

JahTeh said...

Jayne, I would go for firefox but so much importing of websites and blogs and fixing outlook express. I have to work up to these things along with the anti-virus and spyware and malware. The wheelchair will be 5 weeks before delivery and she can't have the sash because of her neck and back but it does recline, I believe.

Honestly Kath, the way my knees hurt pushing the chair, I want turbo rockets to go with the seatbelt.

I just knew you'd be reading and laughing, Antikva. That computer place is a hop, step and jump from the bus stop and is right beside the bead shop, nothing more perfect.

River said...

Ahh, serenity reigns. As does "Serenity". I'm no wiser as to the print spooler, but I'll take your word for it. Isn't your print button a little icon that looks like a printer at the top of whatever page you are trying to print? Click on that and you should be printing...?
A 400 page book on tiaras is your motivation? For me, it's being able to move through my rooms without painfully bashing into stuff that has no business being where it is. Putting away for me is absolutely crucial. Disarray after a certain level gives me nightmares.
How lovely to have the special edition of the Jewel in the Crown without going to the ends of the earth for it.

Middle Child said...

I have spent the past days at the computer trying to upload things to you tube which I was told should be simple - nearly pulling my hair out - its Don's old one and its doing strange things. My computer died (sob)