Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Not rushing in and phoning the Tax office but seeing the bank first, that's slow overnight thinking.
When I originally opened mum's account in 2000, I hoped I'd used her tax file number and behold, tucked away in their files was the TFN. So now St. George are arranging for the withholding tax to be returned to her accounts.
I posted mum's letters.
I bought a new pretty tray for the cat's gingham food dish. This was for sanity's sake, she's taken to moving the old tin tray around the kitchen floor, just because she can and it makes a satisfying noise.
I bought Frontline Flea control for the cat.

Then I met Miss O'Dyne at the bus terminus.
I introduced her to San Churro and it's truffles.
We had lunch and red wine.
We went to Gold Class and saw Alice in Wonderland.

We had more drinkies and citrus tarts with coconut cream and (for GC) illegal truffles and enjoyed the film.

Then we took the bus to Mentone where Miss O'Dyne staggered off to the train and I staggered off to see mother and put more credits on her mobile phone.

She'd also been out to lunch and didn't want her tea so I ate it.

Some days just go well.


Brian Hughes said...

"Miss O'Dyne staggered off to the train..."

You can blame that on those lacy stilettos she's taken to wearing.

R.H. said...

Did you eat the cat's dinner too?

iODyne said...

Glad to hear things went well, and of course I am glad to hear that kitty is having a Gold Class lifestyle.
You didn't mention how very very Tim Burton the movie was. Definitely not for children, and also should be avoided by anybody traumatised by Melbourne's awful fires of 7th Feb 2009.
Thank god I followed the lunch wine with the strongest G&T ever sold.

Andrew said...

Questionable and corrupting company you keep dearest Jahteh.

Kath Lockett said...

Sounds like a decent day to me.

Ooooh those San Churro truffles...

And have a gander at my word vertification thingy:
Inepteda - AnnODyne was suffering a bout of inepteda as she forgot to mind the gap at the train station.....

JahTeh said...

Dear Fleetwood, we both wear something more along the lines of lacy granny boots which still doesn't stop the staggering.

Robbert, I didn't get home until late and the cat almost ate me. She's a tiny little cat but most of it is stomach.

Stacks, Antikva would melt down my blog if I said too much before she saw the film. Seeing it in 3D and with a G&T would have been a bit much and not a children's film but today's little psychopaths will probably love it.

Andrew, a match made in Heaven, I encourage her with booze, she tempts me with truffles. Do not take little Jo to see this, believe me.

Kath, I did introduce Miss O'Dyne to the new food shops, pointing out your favourite San Churro and she was in like a flash. I tried to linger outside but the sight of a glass cabinet full of chocs and the window full of croissants and cakes, a magnet that shop is and deadly. I wouldn't recommend this film to anyone inclined to migraines.

Jayne said...

Sounds like a fun day all round *snort*

Middle Child said...

Hey... "Good friends are like but rare...false friends are like autumn leaves...found everywhere" (Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Friends that like doing drinkies and eaties together are good friends

JahTeh said...

Jayne, the colours and art in the movie were brilliant but the scary bits were scary. Johnny Depp fantastic as always and I can't wait until the next 'Pirates' especially since Ian McShane is playing BlackBeard.

Therese, if there's one thing Miss O'Dyne and I do well, it's eaties and drinkies. We just don't do it often enough.

River said...

I'm waiting to see Alice in Wonderland when I can buy it on dvd.
How could you go to San Churros and not take photos? Those of us who can't get there need our vicarious thrills.
Glad you had a lovely day with your friend.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"Therese, if there's one thing Miss O'Dyne and I do well, it's eaties and drinkies. "

M O'D and I share the same genes, and fortunately many friends in common.

We're nothing if not common- in a very common wealth way.

JahTeh said...

River, I keep telling you it's never the same unless you've seen it on the big screen first. Did you buy your Harry Potter? First instalment of the Deathly Hallows is in theatres in November this year so you must see it on the big screen. Second instalment comes out in July 2011.

MiLord, I have seen you at eaties and drinkies wif us loidies and common you ain't.
Mind you if Fleetwood had joined us, common would be entree and all the way to dessert. I am sure if we turned up at his place, he'd take the fish and chips out of the paper and give us plastic forks.