Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Okay so it's goodbye to broadband and welcome back to pre-paid dial-up.

Thank you Technicalities service man who cleaned up the desktop which was overheavy with anti-virus programs fighting like gladiators at the arena. He also upped the memory to 1GB (it's old and only had 256MB) and got rid of a load of processing stuff going on behind the scenes.
He was here for over an hour and explained a lot of what was going on and it cost $253.00 The best thing was I didn't have to leave the house.

I didn't feel right about the Optusnet deal so I rang and cancelled that. Mother will have $30 on her phone for emergencies and I will ring her. She said to add up the mobile costs on my phone and take it out of her bank account if I'm stretched. Good idea.

She's feeling a lot better because they're trying out pain patches on her arms instead of slow release morphine pills. Only a few weeks to go before the diamond encrusted wheelchair arrives and I write the big cheque. She is dreaming of me being able to wheel her to Mentone, to shop and have coffee.

Her dream, my nightmare.


Andrew said...

It is amazing what a good clean up of a computer can do. I could have helped via email. I am not an expert but I know keeping minimal and stopping things self operating is very wise. Good work that you have more ram. Makes a difference.

Brian Hughes said...

"...it's goodbye to broadband and welcome back to pre-paid dial-up."

Try buying a dongle. It's hard to tell the difference.

wv=strap. No, seriously, it does. I'm starting to worry.

Jayne said...

Woot on the wheelchair, not-so-woot on the pushing of sid wheelchair.

WV = rednest.
The result of crossing J with a redback...? :P

Elisabeth said...

Your mother's dream, your nightmare. It sounds like the stuff of crossed generations. Good luck with the outcome.

River said...

I'm back on the dial-up too. My mobile broadband expired and I can't afford to buy more time on it right now so dialup it is. I'd like to do a little cleanup of programs that I don't use and probably never will, (you know the stuff that come pre-installed), but I'm afraid of accidentally deleting something essential (my K accidentally erased her cd-rom drive so can't use the cd/dvd player on her laptop),so I'm leaving it alone. I'd love to increase the memory though. Just so I could save more stuff, like music and movies. Can I do this myself (Andrew?) or do I need a tech?
Can we see pics of the diamond encrusted wheelchair when it arrives please?

River said...

P.S. I accidentally deleted my Power Point program, so everytime someone sends me a power point email I have to view it by sending it to my documents then right clicking to open it. I wanted to learn how to create Power Point presentations for myself, I got a book from the library which I thought looked easy enough, that's when I discovered I no longer had the program. I'd been deleting/uninstalling the games that came with the laptop because I suck at games and thought I'd free up space that way.

JahTeh said...

River, I got rid of Office works pro because I never used it. I had far too many anti-virus programmes so he left me with AVG for email and the windows firewall which he said was fine for where I browse.

Elisabeth, it wouldn't be bad except for the tin knees I have, no traction in them to stop a runaway wheelchair.

Jayne, it better be smooth on the wheels because I would like to be able to take her out and spend her money.

Fleetwood, there are a few bloggers here who'd like to be in the running to strap you. I'm all a tingle at the thought but I suppose I'll have to let HawtAndrew have first go.

Andrew, I thought the price was fair but it was amusing watching him go insane with dial-up speed when he's used to very fast broadband. He wasn't harsh on the eyes either.

R.H. said...

$253.00? What does he think he is, a plumber?

Middle Child said...

Computer hell is horrible...glad you have found the light...a good techie