Sunday, March 07, 2010


That's what this beauty is called and rightly so. It was discovered in Mbuji Mayi and its weight as a rough diamond was 890 carats.

After four years of studying the rock, it was cut into a 407.48 carat gem, and is the third largest diamond ever to be cut. The cutting was done by a team lead by Marvin Samuels, who was the co-owner of the stone together with Donald Zale of Zales Jewellers and Louis Glick.

It would have been the largest but it had internal flaws that needed to be removed to show its true glory.

Even its display stand is in a class of its own and would look nice wherever I wanted.

I'm still looking for the Millenium gems to take my mind off the fact I have more "mother work to do". Looking at the bank statements I didn't know what TFN meant, I know it meant money was taken out but not what the letters stood for. Tax File Number, if I don't have it then the bank takes out withholding tax. Centrelink tells me that when you first go on the pension the Tax Office sends out your TFN which is yours forever. Oh goody, mother hasn't a clue, I don't even know what mine is although I remember getting a tax notice about July. So now I have to do the search and I'm hoping there's a local tax office so I don't have to go into the city. Why didn't the bank ask me for the TFN when I opened the account?

I've signed up for broadband because it includes free calls to optusnet mobiles which will save me money ringing mother who has just gone through $50 in a week on her mobile. So she'll get $30 for emergencies and I'll ring her. I just have a few questions to ask, just to clarify some facts like being told 12 month plan and finding 24 months on the contract. I want a landline phone and my own number, nothing changed. $60 a month for 2GB and unlimited calls which is less than I'm paying now, thanks to ma.

And Optusnet, give some spelling lessons to staff, pensioner is that not pentioner. No wonder I'm wasting time looking at diamonds. It's golden, the colour of Leo and on the want list.


River said...

Now that's my kind of diamond, me being a Leo and all....
So that thing is a display stand? I was wondering, not sure if it was a ring or a brooch or what exactly. It does look beautiful.

R.H. said...

Stop these silly postings!

People want gossip, not baubles!

I'm sorry to say this, but I really think your husband should come back.

Jayne said...

Ohhh, do you have the room in your crystal cabinet to display it properly?
I'm sure I could ditch the Carltonware, Spode and Waterford crystal to make room in my cabinet to show it off for you, J *snort*.

JahTeh said...

River, it's a display stand and why would you hide this away in a ring box. I might have to change the furniture around and do a paint job to go with the Louis IV display cabinet but it would be worth it.

And here's me almost up to the anniversary of the departure of Count Creepula, 10 glorious years.

Jewells are my therapy against the world. A friend's mercedes convertible got mashed by the hailstones, chunks were taken out.
I saw a recent photo of Aunt Selma and boy, is she looking old and haggard with bazoombas hanging down to her kneecaps.
I would completely like to lose my cool and punch my sister very hard.
Now I'm going back to bed, you've made me depressed with all this gossip.

Jayne, crystal cabinet? As I mentioned to River, Louis IV display cabinet installed with a discrete lighting system. Where would we be without dreams?

R.H. said...

Ten years, good heavens, will there be a party?
As for my advice, please forgive me. (Funny society, being too important to help anyone can get you worshipped.)
I miss the the great days of blogging, there was always a dying relative (it lasted for months), balanced by a funny cat and a cake recipe.
Everyone drank gin, baked muffins, and got called a ho by the next door neighbour. Deadbeats were dated and their photos published: the entire evening reported, dialogue and all; and golly, what cads they were! Ex-husbands and boyfriends got one hell of a kicking, and if it all sounded a bit harsh there was always the dying relative, poor soul.
When the relative died you might replace him yourself: off to the doctors for tests. Good heavens! What drama!

Babies, there's no soap anymore.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, it's the Facebook and twitter thing. Blogging takes thinking about even if it's diamonds and I try not to blog if I'm in the pits. People who twitter, "I'm feeling sad, I'm having an icecream to feel better, now I feel better," dribble that's all it is. I can't post and move furniture and boxes and I haven't got a digital camera to show you how big the stuff is I'm been moving.

Anyway I've found the rest of the Millenium diamonds so I can annoy you with that tomorrow.

If I had a digital camera I could show you the shreds of my curtains thanks to the sweet little cat who's eyes are boring into my back because it's past it's teatime. I'll tell it it's your fault.

R.H. said...

Your taxi riding, your weight loss (down to 110kgs) your humour your disasters; there was never a blog better than yours.

Brian Hughes said...

Now I know why you like jewellery so much. That one looks like a giant toffee.

JahTeh said...

Fleetwood, toffee rips the fillings out of my teeth but it is the colour of a mellow drambuie.

Robbbert, I'll be back into it now with the epic adventures of my first night out in 13 months. I don't care if it's tornado or snow, Saturady night I'm off.
110kgs, I dream of being 110kgs and do I hate Magda and Jenny Craig.