Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Are you reading Andrew ? After the Tax File Number comes a letter from the Electoral Office where mother's address has been put down as mine.
A little note asks if everyone at this address registered to vote?
No, clots because she doesn't live here and she doesn't want to vote because she hates both John and Ted.
Another phone call tomorrow to fix that.
The way things are going I swear if she falls off the twig the funeral home will lose the body and I'll be sent off to look for it.

So another day at the home for me. I had to pick up a registered letter and since I had to walk that far I might as well take down the cardigans she wanted and sneak in two caramello bears. I wasn't stupid enough to get there at lunch today and she wouldn't share her cupcake with me at afternoon tea. I should have taken the bears back.
Now just whisper this quietly, with some luck I won't have to go down until next week.


Andrew said...

I always hang on your every word Jahteh. Actually, it had slipped my mind. Must check.

River said...

Mmmm, caramello bears. nothing else registered, just the caramello bears. Mmmm.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, your mum will be on the roll as she hasn't moved house and I don't think mine has to vote having turned 80.

River, it was a very broad hint from yesterday. Everything they eat has very little salt or sugar and everynow and then she really wants just a small chocolate. I tell you they disappeared into her bag in a blink.

Kath Lockett said...

....Surely you should now be able to install yourself semi-part-time at the home and insist they pay you a salary?

Lord Sedgwick said...

"with some luck I won't have to go down until next week. "

You really must stop being a second banana and feeding lines like this to Hughes.

(Word Verification - appropriately 'fildfi'.)

JahTeh said...

Kath, you chocolate goddess you, my mother would absolutely love having me at her beck and call and I would open a vein.

MiLord, the dear boy hath not the strength, he hath done gorn an got hisself a flu bug.

And for general information, there is no age limit for voting so I must go to the home and get papers filled out and register her in another electorate and I have to put in a form for myself for the electorate I've been voting in for 37 years.

eepi said...

On voting:
My grandmother told me they used to send her a letter asking why she hadn't voted, from about 80 or 85ish, but never followed it up with a fine, then from about 90ish they stopped sending the letter. I don't think they bother fining the oldies.
You never know though.....

Jayne said...

We got a nasty letter threatening to fine my mother for not having voted in the republic referendum, even though we'd notified the electoral roll people months before.
Rang 'em up and told some poor schmuck to go ahead and fine her but I doubted they get the mail in Heaven.

JahTeh said...

eepi, you can say no if you're in a nursing home but you still have to be on the roll. I think last time she filled in a postal vote and that was at home.

Jayne, sometimes you do have to hit them with a brick. I can't stand the thought that I'll probably have to do all this in reverse when the time comes.

Middle Child said...

Caramello bears are lovely but not as nice as they once were - even the kids notice this