Monday, April 12, 2010


I was on the phone for 30 minutes on Friday before I got past the robots and spoke to a human at the Tax Office.
So for today, I topped up the mobile credits and wrote out a script for mother and prepared to wait.
5 minutes, that's all it took from go to whoa for the Tax File Number and my authority to be recorded.
Now I was trapped at a table full of craft diddly bits and 7 wheelchairs between me, the door and freedom.
"You'll stay for lunch" was an order not a question.
Fine since I was trapped anyway.
Not fine was being put next to little old lady who looks like she wouldn't hurt a fly but she has a mean trick of patting one's arm before she goes for the blood drawing pinch.
I wished I'd put my crowbar in the bag.
Then to the bank with the TFN and the papers went off this afternoon to stop the money grab.
28 days apparently before I see the dollars and the TO is getting the interest.
When I finally fell in the gate, I had a telephone bill for $94.
$57 worth of mobile calls in 30 days.
I'd rather pay the money than go down and sit beside 'The Claw' at lunch.


iODyne said...

Done and dusted.
Thank god.

Old ladies pinching in rest homes is how those kids in kindy who were biters end up.

Kath Lockett said...

Wow - you must have been their "Lucky Caller" of the month!

...oh and I hope I'm a pinchy old lady when it's my turn to sit on top of my own filth in a wheelchair...

Jayne said...

Taking bets that The Claw used to work for the TO, her long work practice in getting blood from a stone relegated to pinching innocent victims who visit the home.

JahTeh said...

It's the really creepy voice that gets to you. A very whispery 'Miss Marple' excuse me dear then wham.

None of that down there Kath, a shower every day and toileting on the dot. I still think of those thousands of dollars we spent on Depends and now mum only uses one per night.

Jayne, she's so quick she can get in a good one on the leg as the wheel chair whizzes past.