Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I knew it wasn't going to be easy

For one thing I don't know how to fix my optusnet email which is tied to Outlook Express. I'm still getting emails in but I can't send anything which means copying and pasting by going over to gmail. I don't like gmail.
I'm reading the booklet which has all the Telstra instructions and you know what I'm like with instructions, hopeless. And then there's what will happen when the dial-up finally cuts out on July 3, do I still have an Optusnet email?
So, today I get a large envelope in the mail telling me I have 10 days to cancel my contract with Telstra wirless broadband and mobile phone. Wtf, I didn't sign up for mobile phone but it sounds as though I get charged on the phone bill for a phone I don't have. Collect all papers and prepare to storm Telstra shop on Thursday. Why don't the bastards get it right.

It's just another thing to deal with. I'm already dealing with depression by hiding in a corner hoping it will get tired of looking for me. It's no big thing just making me not function a bit more than I don't function normally. I feel for people who deal with real depression every day and more are not coping at all especially younger teens. To help myself and get out of bed each morning, I write down three things to do in a day. If I get one done, I'm happy.

I suppose if I go back to the blog at this time for the last 5 years, I'll have been the same way.
Still it has been a stressful year and I haven't opened a vein yet not even when I weighed myself on Sunday. Eating is not an option to make myself feel better neither is drinking and it's too cold to go out spending money. I think it's winter blues, greys and dead browns.

When's spring?


R.H. said...

People like you and me will always be depressed. Your blog is a massive achievement.

Charity begins with you, you broken-hearted but enormously funny woman.

Jayne said...

Yes, when the dial up quits so will the optusnet account.
You'll have to transfer your contacts over to gmail.
You need sunshine xxx

JahTeh said...

Robbert, it would be nice if I was 3 stone lighter so I could eat my way to happy or have a liver that tolerates booze beyond one G&T.

Jayne, thank you, so Gmail will be the only email address and that's connected to Outlook Express. Transfer contacts, right, sounds easy except for the ones who only know my optusnet. So send out mass email.

River said...

Spring comes when you bounce yourself onto the bed and the springs bounce you right back up again.
I was going to suggest opening your optusnet home page and finding the contact us button/icon/whatever, but if you're quitting dial-up then you won't have one. Unless you're staying with optusnet and just switching to broadband? Now I've confused myself, because your dial-up email will still cut out.
Good luck sorting it.