Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's the use of a guide that doesn't guide?

It could be that the TV station is just messing with the ratings but it's infuriating to sit down to enjoy a favourite programme that isn't there.

Last night, two episodes of 'Ghost Whisperer', joy for me until it turned into one episode and that was on very late, late late.

So GW is not exactly Shakespeare at the Old Vic but I enjoy it and it has a continuing story line which they managed to keep in sequence, at least. And Jennifer Love Hewitt has stopped wearing her Betty Boop line of frou frou dresses so I've stopped wanting a ghost to drop a match on her.

Now I'm sitting down with cat on knee, enjoying.

The cat sits up, ears go up.

Cat jumps down, goes into the dark hall, goes through to the dark study then comes out and SLINKS close to the ground until she reaches me.

And sits on my knee again.

Yes, I'm spooked.


Fen said...

Oh you know what's been peeing me off? I watch I Dream of Jeannie & Bewitched in the afternoons on my days off and there's no continuity with episodes at all. 2 weeks ago Jeannie and Tony got married, last week it was back to episode one. Argh.

BwcaBrownie said...

oh comiserations. I hate that too.
there is not much on FTA TV I want to see, but when I anticipate a treat and am thwarted, I do wish for a Really Accurate GUIDE.
Even the online ones are useless.
They all seem to be written by people with no cultural frame of reference.
The Letterman show sequence is a mad jumble too. Joan Rivers Tweets she is going to be on, so I make an effort to see the show. The next night, because The Mail*online tells me Bill Murray is on, I tune in and get a repeat of last week's Paul McCartney edition.
It's a lucky dip folks.
and Jonathan Creek last week, anticipated, was crap without Caroline Quentin.

JahTeh said...

Fen, some shows have this continuous story going on behind the episodes and missing one ep. throws everything out. Another good ghostie is 'Afterlife' on late Sundays, a British but much grittier show than 'Medium'.

Bwca, they do what they like with Letterman, I've given up trying to catch a favourite interview which never happens.
Missed Jonathan Creek for drooling over MasterChef deserts.

Jayne said...

After seeing some eps (of various series) that were never shown here in Oz way back when, we've worked out we never got every season of Hogan's Heroes, Bewitched, I dream of Jeanie, etc, and so the tv channel is probably playing whatever they've got in whatever order they wish.
As for the feline and GW, maybe make her change her own kitty litter, Jahteh :P

River said...

In SA, we have the TV Week magazine available, a TV Guide magazine liftout in the Sunday paper, a two page guide in the local free weekly paper, also a two day program page on the back page of the Saturday advertiser. Sometimes they advertise the same programs, sometimes they advertise different programs. Rarely are any of them correct.
Don't get me started on program timing. That's a whole new world of frustration right there.

@Fen; we have I Dream of Jeannie & Bewitched on weekdays and weekends, but the weekday episodes are from a different season to the weekend ones. A little annoying.

R.H. said...

Last Saturday my TV guide said: Football, VFL Round 14. Northern Bullants v Williamstown.
I thought I'd watch for a bit of a laugh.
Soon after the game started the picture switched to a bloke holding a microphone in what looked like an African village. It stayed a few seconds then went briefly back to the football, then to the bloke with the microphone, and so on, until the bloke with the mike got the upper hand and it became a continuous doco about a thing called “Go Go Music”. This was followed by an episode of Australian Story, and I'm thinking: What happened to the footy? Am I going mad?
At the finish of Australian Story the footy grabbed back the initiative and we were into the third quarter. Good heavens.
Well I'm surprised to have seen nothing in the media about this, especially since those VFL (knuckle football) fans are total rednecks; the sort to kick in their TV screens.

Lad Litter said...

Yep, good ol' program creep. Remember when it was the ABC that was out of sync with programs starting at 5:56 and running to 6:19? Now it's the commercial stations (don't start me on Master Chef overruns grrrr) that don't round up to the half hour.

R.H. said...

It's a queer old business when a live football telecast gets gatecrashed through its middle by two recorded shows, and there's no announcement, explanation....nothing. You start wondering if your head is playing up.
The thought-disordered receive bizarre messages from their TV, and no wonder.

Ann ODyne said...

Happy Happy Birthday dear Copperwitch JULY 31st you LEO you.

It's all about hair and drama in your zodiac - and I got that from Mystic Medusa who advises Leos to "ignore the Hiss Squad - screw them"

We drink to you health and happiness

JahTeh said...

Jayne, it would rather pee on my foot than change its own kitty litter.

River, if I want to tape anything, I put 5 minutes in front and 20 after, that way I'm likely to get the lot.

Robbert, they wouldn't dare do that to AFL but VFL doesn't matter.

Lad, you've just hit my all time scream button. I keep thinking the clock is running fast and as for MasterChef, I'd turn it to the programme I wanted and flick back during the commercial breaks, god knows there's enough of them. That way I almost had the best of both worlds.

Robbert, you should ask you autobiographical subject about that.

Thank you, Miss O'Dyne. I appreciated the gift which sent me straight to the jool book and the cat thanks you for the tissue paper.
'Ignore the hiss squad', well that takes care of my commentors.

Smartie WV is greys. I'll ignore that.

River said...

Oh! I forgot!

Happy Birthday! from a fellow Leo.

Middle Child said...

I would love to wathc Ghost whisperer and all of that but I get scared out watch things that show people who can't walk through the walls