Thursday, August 12, 2010

The lunacy continues.

And now a word from the Australian Family Association and the National Marriage Coalition.
They would like to have August 13 officially designated National Marriage Day.
And why this date?
Because it's the anniversary of the passing of the Marriage Amendment Act 2004, which defined marriage as "a union between a man and a woman". Personally I'd rather celebrate Divorce Day but over to the AFA and the NMC.

Ms Mary-Louise Fowler said couples who say "I do" should receive Federal government cash bonuses for remaining married because it's a real effort to make a marriage work and form a family.

But if you're a gay or lesbian couple who consider themselves married but can't because of people like Ms Mary-Louise Fowler, then forget bonus or anything else.
According to Ms (Ms?) Mary-Louise, "There's no such thing as gay marriage and the people lobbying for that are unfortunately misdirected because it's a bit like saying two tables make a dining room suite". Que????

And the Christian youth movement, Restoring Integrity and Sexual Ethics (RISE) is also backing the pro-marriage movement. RISE representative Judi Limbers said, "in this sexually liberated society, girls have become sexual service stations for men and they just end up getting used".

So these two organizations say they want the support of both sides of politics to promote " a renewed culture of marriage". Funnily enough they didn't want to comment on the Prime Minister's relationship but they're not so reticent on the gay and lesbian relationship issue.

A pox on them all.

"two tables make a dining room suite", you just have to love the nutjobs and their speech skilz.


River said...

I'm with you. Let's celebrate Divorce Day.
Any particular date you fancy?

Ann ODyne said...

somebody needs to explain to Marylou that it's the Superannuation: in the evil past, a gay person could not bequeath decades of accumulated super to a partner of decades, only to a spouse. In the evil AIDS 80's this inequity was common. faithful partners were denied their 'spousal' right. This must change.

and my opinion of the sanctity of "I do" is inexpressable. 50% of people who make that oath, wander away from it with a shrug. It is a WORTHLESS oath.

JahTeh said...

River, I celebrate it 365 days of the year.

Annie O, I could see a surge of marriages to grab the cash, the same way births went up with the baby bonus.
These idiots just don't get it, gays and lesbians don't have to be parents but they want marriage and children so I can't see what is so terrible about a lifetime committment between two HUMAN BEINGS. Fruitloops and nutjobs. I wonder how they'd go if God yelled down and said as a test, kill your firstborn. Mass atheism, I reckon.

Andrew said...

Two tables make a dining suite. Not in the highrise abode. But, you know, we are a bit different.

R.H. said...

You three old heifers are a dining room suite; yak yak yak yak yak, nothing left to do. Where's your bloody husbands?

Two tables getting married will open the door to everything.

Dr Jim was married to a very plain woman. She hadn't a clue what was going on (apparently). Women adored him, Dr Jim, they went crazy, and Dr Jim: boyish hairdo, soup stain on his tie, hadn't a clue what was going on (apparently).

Wake up, the old in and out flattens everything: politics, science, The High and the Mighty.
And poor bums like me.

Jayne said...

Nah, celebrate the founding of the Australian Coalition for Equality on this day one year after the tools tinkered with the marriage act.
Even more proof Howard should have been allowed to play pocket billiards or given a shed instead of our country to keep him out of Jeanette's hair.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, this is a stupid woman and I hate saying that about a female but stupid males still outnumber us.

Robbert, I remember his wife, she was a nice old duck but his head was turned by a pretty face. It seems to be a politician's weakness or ego.

Jayne, I was at the 2nd rally in the city but things have always stopped me from getting there again.

phil said...

Do we need to replace "i do" with "I'll think about it?"

Or, "I'll give it full and fair consideration in the fullness of time."?

Lad Litter said...

Christian Youth Movement? Young fogies.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Or, "I'll give it full and fair consideration in the fullness of time ... going forward, that's be.

Met Jim's Gwen socially a couple of times. Lovely and sharp old duck. Always called him 'Jimmy'.

Lord Sedgwick said...

'that'd be

R.H. said...

I'd forgotten her name. It was very old fashioned, even back then.
I was a stall holder at Camberwell trash market when Dr Jim began sitting on a fruitbox there flogging his books. He was odd, enormously interesting, fanatical maybe. You don't get politicians like that anymore; Latham comes close.

Marshall-Stacks said...

Mrs. Gwen*Cairns was 'lovely and sharp' enough to not let that slag Morosi ruin her life just because an ageing husband was flattered into indiscretion.

R.H. said...

Dr Jim was an idealist and never gave it up.

I think he "married his mother".

He was always a boy, remarkably naive. Morosi chased after him, so did they all; lefty women have tremendous libido. But Morosi was an opportunist, chasing power.
I wonder if he knew.