Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Break out the Bombay.

Nice view courtesy of NASA of the Petermann Glacier flowing across the Greenland Ice Sheet. Where the glacier meets the sea, a 100 square mile island of ice has broken off and is moving towards the Nares Strait between Greenland and Canada.

This ice island could fuse to land, break up into smaller pieces or start moving south into the shipping lanes.

This was the glacier taken during the summer melt season last July. Opinions are divided over whether the breakage has been caused by global warming where the ocean temperatures are rising and warmer currents are undermining the glacier ice at land's end. One bright commenter said that it was natural for the glacier to break up when it stopped resting on the land regardless of the fact that no matter how big the ice cube is, it floats.

This is one of the cracks in the glacier last year. That melt water flowing through is a reason the ice is moving so quickly towards the sea, it's filtering down through minute cracks to the bedrock causing massive lubrication. If the glaciers of the Greenland Ice Sheet keep up the rate of calving for the next two melting seasons, the anniversary cruise marking the 100 years of the Titanic sinking could be a rough ride.


Jayne said...

Twas one birth I was not happy to read about :~

Kath Lockett said...

Living with Love Chunks the meteorologist means that it's always due to global warming.

He spends his free time trying to convince Andrew Bolt of this fact - so such so that his comments on Bolt's blog have been blacklisted!

JahTeh said...

Jayne, people don't realize that everything depends on ocean currents, they stop, get warm or cold, change direction and we're all toast.

Kath, tell him congratulations from me. Being Bolt blacklisted is the highest compliment a committed commenter could receive.
I get sick of explaining to people that yes, we have had global warming before but now we doing it faster than at any time.

River said...

That's a huge chunk of ice JahTeh; how big is your Bombay glass?

JahTeh said...

Glass, River? What's wrong with straight from the bottle? You know how much I hate washing up.