Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sleep, perchance to dream

I found it hard to sleep last night, aches from walking, putting foot in a hole in the road, tripping on a wheelchair at the home. All of it designed to hurt already hurting bits.

Go to standby plan and put headphones on and turn on walkman. No red light means batteries are dead. Will I turn on the light and replace and make myself more wide awake? Decide not to do that and toss and turn instead.

I'm dreaming.
I'm chasing rats and mice around the bedroom. But I'm winning, there's only one left but I can't quite catch him. He's quiet then there's a ratty giggle and I'm off again.

I'm waking up.
To the tweeeping of the stupid smoke alarm because the battery has run out. Sounds like the ratty giggle I was dreaming about.
Stagger out without glasses to get the broom and give it a belt. Genius, without glasses I can't see that high in the ceiling to hit the button. Go back to bed and wait for the Chinese tweeeping torture to continue.

First tall person to hit the front door is going up the ladder to replace the battery even if I have to grab a copy of the WatchTower and listen to the twaddle of how Heaven loves me. Damn, mozzed myself now, they'll be here in droves.

I know, send psychic message to BrickOutHouse that I need him although that didn't work Friday night. I could tie a message round the cat's neck and send her off Lassie style. $6 for a 9volt battery added to shopping list. Heaven hates me.


Jayne said...

Erk, those damn things always go off in the middle of the night.
Radio battery died last night right before Delroy's Challenge on 774...after S changed the batteries we promptly fell asleep and heard not a whisper of the whole thing lol.

R.H. said...

It's time you got married again, I know a few blokes who might suit you.

Very reliable, they never go out.

River said...

You need a longer broom handle.
Try two lashed together with duct tape. Just don't go standing on chairs.

Ann ODyne said...

umm ... are we all supposed to just put new ones in when daylight saving starts? in the daylight ... when we ain't in bed? gosh Coppy - you're that smart.
I hate plastic stuff that TALKS to me. the dam microwave peeps Finished!! the washer screams Finished!!" the worst is the frig door "Wah wah wah! I've been open too long!
They all need two broom handles taped together thank you River.

(over at LadLitter Kath and he have both revealed they are SOTC alumni! get over there and be funny at them. Smart funny, but.)

JahTeh said...

Jayne, the old one used to go off every 5 seconds when the battery was flat but this was every now and then, just when I was getting back to sleep.

Robbert, not even for a tall bloke who can reach ceilings would I consider getting married. Around me they'd go out alright, in a box.

River, I forgot the one I had in my hand has a hook on the end for hanging up so the rounded bit didn't reach.

Annie O, the last thing I'd need would be a fridge door that told me how long it had been open.
I haven't visited Lad for a while, I'll take a stubbby and be prepared to have a laugh.

R.H. said...

I can't guarantee they'd be any use around the house but don't be hasty, it's nice having someone to chat to when you come home and cats can't talk.

R.H. said...

Dr Jim Cairns took the ferry to Tasmania and misplaced his cat on board. Late that night he sat in the lounge as a woman slyly admired his hairdo and frayed trouser cuffs. When they entered his cabin there was gossip. Meanwhile other passengers continued the search for his cat, including sit-up types who stopped at his cabin door crooning: "Pussy....Pussy..."

That's the trouble with cheap fares, you get all types.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, of course cats talk and nag, lordy how they nag, food, kitty litter needs changing, where's the cat bikkies, it's never ending.

R.H. said...

Animal lovers will be pleased to know the cat was found, someone had shut it in a deck locker for a joke.

Middle Child said...

I have dreams like this where the outside sounds become the dream...and its freaky sometimes