Sunday, August 29, 2010

Men are from Mars

37 years I've been washing clothes for the BrickOutHouse so you would think I'd remember to check the sleeves.
He has had this habit, forever, of taking off a jumper or tee shirt and leaving one sleeve inside.
And there's nothing worse than wrangling wet sleeves at the clothesline.

But I can see the logic in his sock habit.
If you have two socks and they have holes in different places then wearing them together makes one whole sock.

Except if one of the socks in question has no foot just an upper. But this is acceptable since tying the laces on his work boot stops it from crawling up his leg.

So this is why I bought him half a dozen pairs of new ones for his birthday. He was pleased, he can't think why his socks are disappearing.


Elisabeth said...

I know that save time to remove clothes habit, JahTeh, my daughters practise it regularly. Knickers and jeans still attached, one inside of the other, likewise for t-shirts and long sleeve tops, even three layers at once. I try to throw out socks once the holes appear. There's nothing worse than a tow that pushes through sockless.

Jayne said...

That one word sums it up perfectly.

Andrew said...

Somebody's partner bought a heap of new underwear and socks and threw the old stuff straight out. NO, you wear it for the last time and then you throw it out.

R.H. said...

A bloke I know turned up at my place wearing odd socks. I had a laugh at him over it. Next time I saw him the socks were a pair but he wore odd shoes.

Absolutely true.

River said...

Funny you should mention sleeves. My hubby did the same thing. Of course now he has to wash his own clothes, but I'm betting he just hangs them on the line with sleeves any which way, just like he sometimes did here. Used to drive me crazy that did. It's very hard to fold them once they've dried all wrinkled, so he'd just toss things on a chair instead.
Jayne is quite correct. Men!!

R.H. said...

That's what I do, bring them in from the line and lay them over the back of a chair in the kitchen. Great minds.

JahTeh said...

Elisabeth, your daughters have talent, I could never do that although I can take my bra off without removing my dress first.

Jayne, he's just walked in from the Chiro and he'll be lucky to get a sock on at all. Panadol don't work, he's taken two and there was no magic relief. Patiently explain that it's two every four hours until the magic happens.

Andrew, what a wastrel R is and no you don't throw it out, underpants are great for dusters.

Robbert, I believe every word you say. The back of a chair is acceptable for getting rid of wrinkles in clothes as long as they're smoothed out nicely.

River, when I was unable to do the washing, he did but would hang my knickers out by the crutch. The charmer said any other way would take up too much room.

Kath Lockett said...

Actually, despite usually siding with the 'Men...!' side I'm with Andrew.

You wear 'em one last time (usually camping) and then ceremoniously dump them, thus saving a wash. Not sure that Love Chunks appreciated having my old maternity knickers smoking out the bbq plate on our last camping weekend though....

JahTeh said...

Kath, I'm almost afraid to ask if you were cleaning with them or using them as mozzie repellent.