Thursday, September 02, 2010

The hardware curse

Not my computer, hardware like in Bunnings, bloody rotten Bunnings whose website would try the patience of a saint.
Lesson: never throw out the Bunnings catalogue.
You still see the same things on the website but try getting a price or actually going to the right section.
Stupid me expecting to see cisterns in the bathroom area.
I thought it would save me going down there and trawling the place and picking up all sorts of things I don't really need and not getting the things on my list.
And it will be freezing.
In summer it is suffocating heat and I always expect to see vultures lingering at the exits for the molten lumps of humanity that make it out of the hardware Gitmo.
I need cement, a new cistern, a ladder, a small patio table (green plastic), a bird bath top, just the top, a can of paint and a new-fangled phone to take a photo of the taxi driver's face as he tries to jam it all in the cab.
Perhaps I could ask for a driver who is hardware friendly.


Jayne said...

Their website is the bane of my life, they do it deliberately to get people in the door.
They do deliver but you'd be better to get the Brickouthouse to pick it all up and drop over to your house.
I'd suggest shopping for the various bits and bobs in Oakleigh - much better variety, cheaper prices and Niko does coffee and cake to dream of ;)

Andrew said...

Yes Jahteh, do check out the productive land at Bunnings in South Oakleigh where my grandfather grew his vegetables.

I hope the ladder is not for you to use. Only men are stupid enough to use ladders once they reach a certain age. Perhaps women use them more carefully.

Marshall-Stacks said...

if you are going to get a plumber, they will get you a cistern at trade price or even second hand (one they have ripped out of a renovation).
never underestimate evilBay.

SillsBend got sandblasted double kangaroo doors on ebay and they were in Oakleigh. probably a reno rip-out too.
ditto what Hot Andrew said about the ladder. a Bailey aluminium A-ladder is $109.

JahTeh said...

Jayne, BrickOutHouse can hardly pick up the cat with two vertebra out let alone go to Bunnings. I've decided to let the other things go and get a damn toaster and one that takes that lovely thick fruit bread.

Andrew, the ladder is only 3 steps and wide steps and I really need it.

Jeebus, Stacks, if I could have afforded a plumber I'd have had it fixed yonks ago. Ladder I'm looking at is $79. You may praise me, the rain is coming and I've emptied all the buckets on the mandarin tree so they're ready to be re-filled.

River said...

Doing a little reno work J?

Good luck with finding just a birdbath top.
Ask for a station wagon taxi, they have them and stuff fits in the back nicely.

Helen said...

Heresy! Bunnings is mecca. I can spend hours in Bunnings.
Except for their timber, which is not sustainably sourced, and their seedlings, which are crap.
But otherwise a cornucopia of useful Stuff.

JahTeh said...

River, as I've mentioned in comments elsewhere, single is great until you can't climb the ladder to change a light bulb. It's getting a bit like that around here.

Helen, that's my problem, I love Bunnings. I knock off every paint chart, I drool over the wallpaper. I love door handles and piano hinges. I end up with everything except what I need.

River said...

JahTeh, if your ladder is an A frame, just give me a yoohoo next time you need a lightbulb changed. I don't mind climbing.