Friday, September 03, 2010

Live blogging

I'm sitting at the computer, looking out of my big window and watching a baby kookaburra sitting on the fence four feet away. I've heard them over in the golf course but I've never seen one this close before. I can't go out with the camera because I don't want to frighten it in case there's food nearby.
I'm chuffed to see one so close considering that between Mirvac and Australand they wiped out most of the bush areas that belonged to the native birds.
It's just made my day.
I just hope it wasn't this little bird that was making the strange chirperting noises underneath my bedroom window last night but he looks healthy enough.
I wish I could walk on flat ground as easily as he's trundling sideways along the top of the fence.


Andrew said...

The kookaburra is having gay life?

Kath Lockett said...

or his pants are on fire....?

Seriously, it sounds like a far nicer sight than the two pigeons rogering each other on my fence yesterday.

Jayne said...

Gay kookas and sex-obsessed thing you know the blasted seagulls will be raucously sharing their lurve with you while the local wombat eats roots and leaves.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, what an idiot of a man and a fuss about nothing but every kid in the school will know about gays now.

Kath, honestly I don't know where they get their energy from and if the female doesn't want it the male just looks around for another. Not much different from humans actually, the blokes I mean.

Jayne, my favourite thinking thing at the beach is wondering how the one legged seagulls get it on or should that be off.

River said...

A bay kookaburra! How lovely. I haven't seen a kookaburra in years, although I've heard them. there's a couple who laugh from the big gum tree now and again, but I can never spot them.

Frank said...

How great! I get them in the park opposite me in Abbotsford, as well as magpies and butcher birds. When they all get going at once it's a glorious noise.

Elisabeth said...

A kookaburra. Where? Not suburban Melbourne?

Lucky you. I love to see kookaburras.

R.H. said...

Gay kookaburra.

Queer bird.

JahTeh said...

River, I really couldn't believe it until I moved the curtain and had a good look. They say Kookas predict rain or snakes and rain we got.

Frank, it used to be like that around here, even a bellbird but greedy developers bulldozed every tree.

Elisabeth, just in the last 6 months I've heard them from the golf course but never seen one. I was wondering if they came this far from the bushfires.

Robbert, a man of few words who says a lot.
I see Geelong lost.

R.H. said...

Yes, and got robbed. Whoever plays them next will get an awful hiding.