Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The view is grey

Grey skies, still wet washing, more washing to go out, it's cold, the trees are sad and the lorikeets woke up me at some disgusting time this morning.

The BrickOutHouse has two bulging discs and a high level of gout in his bloodtests due to an excess of Uric acid.

Now the hard part is getting him to Centreluck because he thinks he should work for his money.
He can't work but he's in that halfway stage of admitting he can't and should be asking for help.

This all goes back to the last four years of hell when he took any job available in the area to help with mum so he has had no full time work on a continuous basis. Unless we count the hellhole of cleaning industrial pumps in such noxious fumes and fluids that we didn't worry about his back because we thought his lungs were shrivelling. Yes, the hazmat gear was brought out every time there was an inspection by elf and safety but try cleaning the innards of a tiny heart shaped pump in great hazmat gloves. I digress but I'd still like to punch the bastard in charge.

He says he's been working for himself. That's true to a point because none of the idiots he does work for seem to have money when the job is finished. I found his CV when I was going through papers to throw out. The brilliant things he was doing as an apprentice at 19 still amazes me but thanks to workplace harassment, he ended up with a breakdown. Then, as now, he said nothing because he wanted to work. That's another on my list of 'punch the bastard in charge'

So Centreluck it is even if he sticks to saying everybody goes to them with a bad back but not everybody has the kind of X-rays he has. If it wasn't for bad luck, he'd have no luck at all.

And if we can fund Oprah Winfrey to bring herself and an audience of adoring imbiciles to tell the world about Australia then the government can fund a health card for a working man in need. Jeebus but I'm beginning to hate the cult of celelbrity in today's world.


River said...

Oh poor BrickOutHouse!! The xrays showing his bad discs will help with the centredick people, he should have no trouble getting a healthcare card. unlike me, they looked at how much I'd earned in the preceding 8 weeks, said sorry you've earnt a smidge too much, you can't have one. Boo-yah! I think I was over the limit by about $20.
There's an old Folk Medicine tip that might help with reducing his Uric Acid levels. it's not speedy like modern medicine, but after that he can maybe keep the levels in check by drinking a glass/mug of hot water mixed with a teaspoon or two of apple cider vinegar and the same amount of honey. Twice a day. This is actually good for a lot of other things as well. also did you know a teaspoon of honey daily helps the body to retain its calcium?
I hope the centreluck people are kind and speedy with their approvals and I hope he starts to get better sooner rather than later. After all the help he's given, he deserves a break.

And I hear Oprah is bringing 300 audience members with her? WTF?
Does she think we're so backward here that she won't have enough people to fill the seats otherwise? That's 300 seats that Aussies will have to miss out on. Not Fair!
Plus she's probably not coming to Adelaide.

JahTeh said...

River, he went to work this morning, doubled over but was making an appointment with the chiro who hasn't seen the X-rays yet. He won't go to Centrelink because he feel too much pain and do you think I can tell him, that's when you go. I'm also dealing with his mother who tells me what not to do with him then rings up and asks what he's doing.
I can't win.
As for the honey and vinegar, I can't get him to take painkillers.

As for Oprah, I think she's only doing Sydney, lucky us.