Monday, September 20, 2010

Sporting events

I bet you didn't think you'd ever see that heading on my blog.

So Melbourne lost 49 million bucks on the Grand Prick!
But Jeffery piped up and said it was still worth it. Bollocks! Hospitals, Ambos, SES, CFA, all of them could have used a chunk of the 49 million. I won't mention the thousands in sweeties the Parliament has scoffed, lardarses.
I am in the process of sending an email to my local representative.
Give the fucking bloody car race to anyone stupid enough to want it.

Overseas, South Africa spent billions on sporting stadiums for the World Cup. They are now sitting idle and there is no money to spend on the upkeep so it's likely they'll be torn down. South Africa is in crisis with an AIDS epidemic that is ongoing and that money could have saved lives. Billions to watch neanderthals kick a bloody ball around a stadium.

Delhi Commonwealth Games are right around the corner. And so is the crop of mosquitos carrying Dengue fever due to the floods and continuing monsoon rains. Don't worry, officials are saying, everything will be dry by the time the athletes get here. Everything including the terrorists. But they have them under control as well, don't worry, we're checking everything. Never mind the crazy Australian journos who are showing the home country how easy it is to buy explosives for a bomb, they've just having a laugh.

Olympic Games for Britain in 2012, along with a possible wedding for Will and Kate right after the Queen's Jubilee celebrations. A smorgesbord of events for every home grown terrorist
cell in the Kingdom but at least the Queen will be paying for the nuptials.

I think it's time the world realizes that we have gone long past the time when these events could be staged for a groat or two with a pig in a poke thrown in for a sweetener. The world is in crisis with health care whatever country you put a foot in. Children are dying for want of clean water, simple vaccines, saline solution for gastro.

So the next time Mr. Brumby brings up staging the World Cup in Victoria, he'll be missing a vote and it might be the crucial one he'll need.


Shelley said...

I couldn't agree more.

I do not think the alleged entertainment factor makes up for the pointless waste.

JahTeh said...

Shelley, I get so many begging phone calls from charities and I feel like saying, 'Ring Brumby!'.
The waste of money is just insane on these events.
I refused to watch the start and ending ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics and most of the middle.

Andrew said...

Please yes, continue lobbying to get rid of the Grand Pricks. I think both Games and the World Cup need a rethink about where and how they are staged. The cost is far too high for all but the richest countries and the return just does not seem to be there.

R.H. said...

Most people complaining about the Grand Prix are residents inconvenienced by it. These types care nothing for anyone else, just try getting help from them for issues that don't affect them. Public transport, dog shit, smokers, and bad coffee are what affect them.

They'll still be voting for Ron Walker via his poodle lapdog brumby in the upcoming election.

What idiots.

Link said...

Too true JahTeh. It really is terribly bad taste to say the LEAST. Ban professional sport. Nobody should get paid to play sport, this would engender the plebs to have a go. As soon as there's megabucks involved the suits and the crims are in like Flynn corrupting everyone in their wake.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, the world's a dangerous place for large crowds these days which is a shame because mixing with different ethnic cultures should be a great experience.

Robbert, I'm miles away and can still hear the noise but I complain about the waste of money.
A hospital ward lasts a lot longer than the smell of a car race. Compare the money to how much was raised for the Childrens Hospital at Easter.

Link, they still haven't finished the Games village in India. I see the Queen bailed out of the opening ceremony, good thinking on her part. I can only see disaster.

River said...

It's effing bloody ridiculous the amount spent on sports (and wineries) when the country, indeed the whole world is dying for lack of health facilities. Not to mention the education and housing crises. Politicians everywhere should take a flying leap off a very high cliff instead of smugly pocketing their way too generous pay rises. Us lowly workers who pay taxes so that they can run the country are fed up with seeing the money go into their pockets. If I recognised any of them on sight I might just refuse to bag their groceries because I don't get paid enough.

R.H. said...

The annual children's hospital appeal is the most tiresome thing on TV, full of show biz aspirants and old bastards who should have retired years ago. Maybe governments should hand over all the money they thieve from suckers playing poker machines. Hospitals would be wealthy. The other day I saw a young bloke in a pizza shop covered in footy colours and close to being an imbecile, strangers patted him on the back "Come on the saints!" And he grinned -this lonely poor bugger with otherwise no contact. People who eat, sleep, and shit finance worry about cost. Money, that's all.