Sunday, October 17, 2010

Call it quits, loosers

From the Sunday Herald Sun:

Train travellers are shunning myki, transport documents reveal, amid a renaissance in the popularity of old-fashioned Metcard ticketing.
Ten months after myki's introduction on Melbourne trains, only 8 per cent of all commuters are using the $l.35 billion system.

And I'm not one of them.

On the buses I am supposed to exit via the back door, which is all well and good if the driver has managed to park up against the curb. If he hasn't then it's grab hold of the door and swing to safety. This takes time but people are usually kind enough to wait or just bored enough to watch the fat lady fly. If I have to swipe and swing then I'm going to be at the back of the queue hoping
the driver has one eye on the back door. Never take it for granted that he has.

Being a pensioner I was supposed to get a free myki and I didn't so I'll stick with Metcard.
Give it all up, take the loss and go back to something that works.
When will politicians learn to admit a mistake, cop the kick in the kneecap and move on (I almost said forward but that's already been used).


Ann O'Dyne said...

as our feet move alternately when we walk, one of my feet was still in the step-well as my leading foot went toward the kerb, the last time I got off from the rear doors of a bus. The driver shut the doors onto my ankle.
First, it screws up one's balance, then it hurts a LOT.
Contrite he may well have been, but jesus wept, what's a Seniors Carder to do?

I used up the balance on my MYKI, travelling up and down Nepean Road on the Mornington Peninsula. When I asked the driver if I could top-up with $20 he said he was unable to do it and the nearest place that could, was Frankston Station. christ.

Kath Lockett said...

I'll only use MYKI when I'm forced to! The metcard has never let me down and I don't have to remember to 'swipe off' when I leave and hoepfully won't ever have to.

R.H. said...

Darlings in the mid 1980s thousands of aborigines lived in Fitzroy. Now there are none.
Work it out.
2010 and it's oh my goodness as nun ladies march down Brunswick Street: cafes, hairdo parlours, cafes, dress shops, cafes, and that's it; latte set both sides. Well really it's enough to crumble your croissant, straighten it right out! "I'll have a short black thanks Naidoo."
"Sorry madam, you chased them all away in 1985."

ha ha ha!

Call it quits, loosers!

River said...

I've never heard of this myki. What is it exactly and how does it work?
Also, you're talking about the government here; you should know by now they never listen to the common people.

word verification is cansinge. Ha ha, no I can'tsinge.

Red Nomad OZ said...

Yeah, happily here in the South, MYKI (whatever that is) has yet to make an appearance. But if it's anything like the debacle of the Brisbane bridge toll we encountered recently, then I fear for our future ...

Happy travels!

Jayne said...

Loathing MYKI with a passion.