Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Operation Quasimodo away.

I woke at 10 to 5 and turned all the alarms off except the phone because I'd never used that as an alarm, very neat.

He had stabbing pains behind the eyeballs, bent nearly double with his nose to the ground as he staggered out to the car. I've been told that for a 6 a.m. arrival sometimes it's straight to the theatre so I hope, although if it's later they might keep him Friday night since we've already had to pay for that night.

I settle back ready to have a cuppa and the phone rings. Sister asking where the hospital is and I had to go through every piece of paper I had until I found the address then look up the Melways. I could have printed out a bloody map yesterday.

Save me Mavis!


Kath Lockett said...

What the......?

Jayne said...

You insist he leaves hosp with MORE than adequate pain relief and discharge instructions written in triplicate.
Failing that, locate each and every phone number to track down the nurses, surgeon and ward should anything arise.
Make sure the BOH actually swallows the pain relief, too, there's no need for you to be brought to your (tin) knees by him writhing in agony for want of a dose of what he's been prescribed.
And find out about recovery time frames, physio, follow up appoints (you know how males are about them), etc.
And put your feet up!

River said...

Sister has a phone book?
And a Melways?
Both have hospitals listed and she can't look it up herself?
You do too much JahTeh.
Sooner or later she has to do stuff for herself.

JahTeh said...

Kath, she's been a nurse for over 30 years but when it comes to family, she's water. Jayne would agree with me. By the time he got in the lift, he was sliding towards the floor and could barely move another step.

Jayne, his biggest worry was how to go to the toilet when he's not allowed to sit. I told him I could dig a long drop in the backyard and sling a rope up somewhere. I can't understand why he thinks I'm weird.
At the moment he's in discomfort from the op but the pain has lessened so the doc's done the job well.

River, sister throws phone books out, is computer illiterate and I have sole custody of the 1998 Melways. I didn't think of the address either, too busy watching him disintegrate yesterday.