Saturday, November 06, 2010

The ring of fire

That's the latest photo of Indonesia's Mount Merapi as it continues to erupt. So far 120 people have died from the incandescent ash raining down from the sky but it's also being blamed for the tsunami that killed more 400 people on October 25, after a 7.7 magnitude earthquake.

Lurking under the clouds in this image is Anak Krakatau, 'Child of Krakatau'. Anak rose from the caldera left by the explosion of Krakatau and is now beginning to spew an ash cloud high into the atmosphere. In 2009, an eruption started and you'll find some spectacular images here .
Sumatra is the site of Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake in the world. It was formed when a supervolcanic eruption occurred and is considered the largest explosive event in the last 25 million years leading to a volcanic winter with temperatures declining 5 to 15 degrees at the highter latitudes.
The tectonic plates seem to be shifting under the Indonesian Islands.


Jayne said...

Those thar plates can't make up their minds as they seem to be moving all over the shop if NZ and some Northern Hemisphere earthquakes are anything to go by.
I'm planning my 2012 Apocalypse party with plenty of Sarsparilla, ginger choccies and vanilla slices.
Those with the highest cholesterol will inherit the earth!

River said...

If I bring my own vanilla slices, can I come to your party Jayne?
I'll be good, I promise you'll see no eruptions from me. I'll bring JahTeh with me.

JahTeh said...

Jayne, I've laughed off those Mayan doom predictions but crikey it's starting to look a bit serious out there. I mean a French horse winning the cup an' all.

River, I want passionfruit icing on my vanilla slices. I hope you can make it after all our Western District is volcanic with dead volcanoes everywhere. Never trust a sleeping volcano.

Andrew said...

While the earth doesn't move for me or you nowadays, clearly it is for some people.

Kath Lockett said...

Can I join the party too? I'll bring the chocolate....

R.H. said...

Stop this nonsense. Here's ten great Australians.

Henry Lawson.
Squizzy Taylor.
Frank Thring.
Ned Kelly.
Jim Cairns.
Hal Porter.
Johnny O'Keefe.
Lachlan Macquarie.
Claudia Wright.
Jules Archibald.

Artists Rebels and Philanthropists.
The only types worth knowing.

How strange. They're all dead.

River said...

JahTeh; you've got volcanoes around there??
Right then, party is moved to my place.
BYO sleeping bags.