Friday, December 17, 2010


Isn't he just gorgeous and fierce looking and my, but isn't he fat. It's an indication of how bad the snow and winter is going to be in England when the robins look like they're going to burst.

Just spent a spewderful two hours at the home. Love Christmas carols, not. Hate waggling silly bloody tambourines unless I can draw blood on some oldie's head.

Two more fell off the twig last week and one in hospital for three days with a mild stroke. Ma can't keep up with the farewell cards. So two hours down there and not once did she ask how I was. When I told her what was wrong, she said I should slow down and not do so much. Thank you mother, and then she asked me to take a card to her mate right down the end of the home.
Remark unprintable.

My sister won third prize in the raffle so we dropped it in. One hour there and she didn't ask how I went at the doc's either. If I wasn't so bloody fat I'd think I was invisible.

BrickOutHouse has a new toy. I can't see the fun in playing with an 8 inch furry remote controlled black tarantula and neither can the cat. We might have to drop a brick on it. I repeat, Christmas is crap.


River said...

They didn't even ask how you were???
Well, they're going on Santa's naughty list right now.
It's like they don't care and are just taking you for granted, when you're the best of them all.
A furry tarantula seems like a fun toy. For an 8 year old. Find one and give it to him.

Andrew said...

Gawd, you expect people to care? You've no doubt heard of the dying swan? Use it. See you on the 'other side'.

Jayne said...

If we pluck and stuff that bird there's only 2.3 calories with merely a smidgeon of sucrose which is good for type 2 dia-thingies.
The remote control spider is good for tripping over...trip and accidentally stomp on it = minus 6 bajillion sugar lumps.
I'm having a rum and zero coke for you, J dearie.
Yes, it really does taste like shite.

R.H. said...

Christmas is crap? Wake up to yourself, or be one of those feminist bastards playing Scrooge all your life.
Merry? Hell. They're in perpetual grief.
About as lively as a snowman's cock!

Brian Hughes said...

That robin looks tasty...bigger than my Christmas lunch turkey's going to be anyway.

R.H. said...
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JahTeh said...

Robbert, there are times when I can't tell the difference between feminism and feminism but you seem to have it tied up in a basket.

MiLord Hughes, Turkey! On your meagre pittance you are thinking of turkey but then I could be mistaken and it's sausages for you and turkey for the cats. The kindness of Christmas radiates from your fur clad body.

Jayne, how could you, that sweet emblem of Christmas. Zero coke was on special this week but it doesn't go with gin. And what's in tonic water that has to be lo-cal?

Andrew, I'll remember that when your stomach cracks under the strain of the family Christmas dinner.

River, I have a real one on the bedroom ceiling, another floating around the kitchen, the last thing I needed was a remote controlled beast. Guess who bought it for him?

R.H. said...
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R.H. said...