Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The hell that is Telstra

One hour on the phone to toss the pre-paid wireless into oblivion.

That was yesterday before the post came with another 3 page account for the ADSL broadband that was never connected.

It was impossible to figure out the amount to pay even if I was connected to the internet.

Another hour on the phone, half for the phone account child to realize that I should be at the Internet account department.

Internet account department adult male admits defeat and asks me to hold while he goes for an oxygen break. At last it is finished (whisper that) and the non-existant ADSL is non-existant. My homeline with pensioner concession is restored. (whisper that)

"Could I please have an amended account so I can pay?"

I can hear breathing, mumbling, breathing and he speaks! I owe Telstra $8.64.

I'll be paying that on Thursday.


Andrew said...

And then were you asked to answer a question or two about customer satisfaction? My last issue required three phone calls to sort out. After the first call the earnest young lass sounding convincing so I did answer the survey in a positive manner. Of course the problem wasn't sorted and I wished I had not answered in a positive manner.

Jayne said...

Hope you've got everything crossed, J, those hoops they make you jump through are getting bigger!

R.H. said...

I wanted to do an Oprah and buy you all something but it has to be the same thing and you are such a disparate lot.
Damn! So I've just bought myself a Lotus Seven instead.

Loving you,

R.H. said...

I notice Sweden is opposing Assange getting bail. Well darlings Scandinavia has always been the most liberal part of the world, but when it comes to capitalism getting threatened it's as protective as anywhere (note Julia "The Emu" Gillard's attitude). Scandinavia was a pioneer in marketing pornography; as late as the 1980s when I was in Copenhagen shopping for a motor bike I could also buy porno mags featuring the bloodied genitals of freshly deflowered babies. Mind you, they were Indian babies, considered less human perhaps.
The Netherlands, center of the diamond business, is another rat, a cannabis rat, and it's puzzling to me that the wealthiest most liberal nations on earth are also the most vile.

Middle Child said...

Hopefully this saga is over for you...until next time

JahTeh said...

I just love those last little questions and usually if they've fixed it,I'll be nice. Of course when I'm muttering to the robot, I'm not no nice.

Jayne, I just re-charged my mobile phone on line for the first and last time and that was Optusnet. Talk about hoops and pits full of alligators.

Robbert, a Lotus Seven? Car, restaurant, bar down a back alley or a Chinese take-away?

I watched a doco on the start of the porn industry in Copenhagen and the bloke who made millions out of it had turned completely around in his views, said it was the worst thing he'd ever done.

Therese, not quite. I went to the Post office to pay and they don't take accounts smaller than $20. I'm now going to Bpay the damn thing.

River said...

This is good news.
I spent quite a bit of time in Centrelink today. Hmpf!

Brian Hughes said...

It's keeping you busy, Witchy...and that's what counts.

Davo said...

Am a bit oldish fer it now .. but geez, condoms were one thing .. but carting around a 'singed(sic) contract' giving permission fer a bitta nookie .. nah; celibacy has its merits .. heh

Davo said...

(an trying to extricate self from Telstra copperwire. also)Glad that didn't buy shares. eternally grateful that saw that coming. .. heh.

R.H. said...

End of year barbecue today darlings, Pender Park Thornbury. Attendees: social workers, psychiatric nurses, and a little army of patients, ragged and shell shocked. I spun the wheels of the Lotus, a token little burnout, just to show we'd arrived: my biographical subject and me. The spread was enormous: salads, meat patties, wholegrain bread....those social workers sure cook a mean sausage. "You're Bob, aren't you," they said, as I shook hands with them. I especially shook hands with the ladies. I shook hands with an abo sitting alone in the pavilion, looking like he lived at the local tip. And then Murderess Trish Clarke arrived (after saying she wasn't coming). My biographical subject gave her a hug (feel up), and she was calm, stoic, well behaved. They'll always say that about her.