Sunday, December 12, 2010

Never breathe a sigh of relief

No, never do that if you have any dealings with Telstra.

Front of the latest Internet account, you know the account, the one I don't have any more.

Amount on your last bill $178.28
Amount you paid $0.00
Adjustments $59.00 cr

Your balance $119.28
New Charges $5.00

Total due $124.28

Back of the account
Adjustments Breakdown
04 Nov Telstra Mobile Casual Plan $10.00cr
04Nov 3G Data Pack 3GB $49.00cr

New Charges Breakdown
01 to 30 Nov
Fee for overdue account payment $5.00
Total for account charges & credits $5.00

Telstra Mobile Casual Plan $10 included calls
01 Nov to 18 Nov $00000

I have no idea where they got $119.28 from and far from being overdue, it isn't since the account has been closed since the 19th November, the modem has been sent back. That was a scream, they sent a pre-paid bag for the modem and it didn't fit inside. I had to cut off the pre-paid and wrap the box and stick it on top.
Nowhere on the account does it say anything about the $70.00 credit I had after closing the account. If I don't pay by the 22nd of December they're going to hit me with a $15 late fee for an account I don't have.
I hope the call centre is operating at full strength tomorrow. That is, if I can press the right buttons to even get to the right part of the call centre for non accounts. And they're wondering why Telstra shares are dropping.


Andrew said...

The hours I wasted on the phone to Telstra about their bills. When my step father died hours were spent by siblings trying to shut down his mobile phone account. He was obviously the only person with a Telstra mobile phone who had ever died.

Frank said...

Have you tried the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman - 1800 062 058? I've heard other horror stories about Telstra (and others) where once the TIO has been contacted things mysteriously, and suddenly, become fixed. Good luck!

Lord Sedgwick said...

"I hope the call centre is operating at full strength tomorrow."

Depends whether or not it's a public holiday in Mumbai.

(I've got stories about Telstra and AGL which would make War and Peace look like "The Reader's Digest Condensed Book of Haiku Poetry".)

BwcaBrownie said...

commiserations Jahteh. and good luck.
it's Kafka-esque.

AGL (since His Lordship mentioned it) has sent 40 texts to my dongle (the one in this laptop, with a mobile number I don't even know)
that say AGL will cut off my supply unless I pay my account.
I have not had a home for 4 years and have no utility accounts. I keep telling them it's a wrong-number and to stop and they don't.

Now I must away ... to the Daily Mail on Liz Hurley slumming with that cheap slut cricketer - what was she thinking!?

Lord Sedgwick said...

"Liz Hurley slumming with that cheap slut cricketer - what was she thinking!? "

It's certainly Kafka-esque, and I don't see what Hurley sees in Warne's well worn oft texted dongle.

River said...

The $119.28 is from the original $178.28 minus the $59 credit listed there.
Maybe that's part of the $70 credit you had? It's confusing.
Anyway, since you closed the account, they shouldn't be sending you anything at all.
I remember trying to close my dad's account by phone after he died. They kept insisting he was the only one who could close an account in his name. I hung up on them and went in a few days later with his death certificate. They closed the account while I stood right there and insisted.

Davo said...

mmm, interesting. Latest invoice from Tellsalie is $52.43 - CREDIT!

(mumbles, must be something to do with PR and the machinations re trading infrastructure back to the feds for a few billion .. mumbles..)

Jayne said...

I say we all take up those new-fangled pedal-powered radios they're using in the outback for medical emergencies.....

JahTeh said...

Andrew, they just hate to let go of an account and I loathe the robot who asks what do I want to do today. My answer was quite rude.

Frank, I really feel sorry for the call centre beings at times and I'm sure they don't get paid enough. The girl today was so pathetically grateful that I said thank you. They now have a 2 second survey at the end of each call so you can rate the service.

Milord, AGL dropped my direct debits from $25 to $18 after analyzing my usuage and got told to put it back as I'm trying to get up some credit for the cooler use in summer. They were so surprised when I rang but but but you don't have to pay that much, but but but I do since you're putting up the charges. It was Jeffrey's idea to privatise utilities wasn't it?

BB, I couldn't believe it, Hurley and Warnie!!! It must be a set-up, he didn't text and she has a little good taste.

River, according to today's call, I didn't even have a single credit.
With mum's mobile I put it in my name which should make it easier to get rid of.

Davo, whatever you do, don't ring and ask.

Jayne, my mobile is an old Nokia that takes calls, makes calls and has a game on it somewhere and I still carry the instructions.

Brian Hughes said...

Cheer up Witchy...I'm on Facebook now if you want to come and annoy me instead.

JahTeh said...

Lord Hughes, on FaceBook, and I didn't think he could sink any further than being friends with Lord Sedgwick.

I'm not on FaceBook, there's no-one in my past life that I want in this one.

Middle Child said...

Bloody Telstra - they still try to tell me the account is in Don's name and when i ask how come the bill comes to my name and that i have told them a squillion times Don is dead - they go all quiet and apologetic - till the next time