Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I can't believe it's Wednesday

I can't believe it's December and this is all I've done to the Christmas outfit. If I don't get moving and sew it up, I'll be in trouble if anyone lights a candle.

I see another kindy has banned Santa for their party. A load of rubbish, why should any child be offended by a myth and I thought we were supposed to be embracing all cultures. Is this kindergarten, doing Hannukah with the candles, explaining Ramadan, talking about Buddhist worship of all animal life. When the children are young, explain the religion, myths and traditions of every country then we might have a message of peace and goodwill. I was brought up Christian and hated Santa unless the present was a ripper.

The promised rain has arrived but my lawnmower man hasn't which means the grass will be up to my shoulders by next week. The wheel fell off his trailer, true, the BrickOutHouse saw him at the trailer repair factory last night. Just my luck, he was on his way down to cut my lawn or should that be urban jungle enclosure. It's getting to the stage where we'll have to tie a balloon to the cat to see where she is in the grass. I can't hang the doona covers on the line without picking up wildlife. I'm looking lovingly at a tree full of limes but I'm not going through grass that high even for my gin. The Ivy along the front has gone feral and needs a good whacking, earwigs are bunkering down in the letterbox and the black mosquitos are swarming in squadrons the minute the sun goes down. I'm beginning to feel like Sam Neil in Jurassic Park.

My feet are still hurting from two days of pounding the levels of Westfield but "Hello, Jayne, Avatar on special at Big W for $22.98!" it was nothing to numbing the bum for two and a half hours on a hard chair at the doc's yesterday. They stuck 3 needles in the same vein. They asked if I felt nauseous, what, after only 12 hours without food and seeing my life being drained into little jars. Long bus trip to W'field but short trip to my favourite cafe "Hello, Antikva, still none of your favourites in the cake window" and food glorious food, I almost broke into song.

I would have gone straight home but mothershopping had to be done and was. What, me fail!
She won't be getting anything until my feet stop throbbing. There's a new resident at the home, cue Alfred Hitchcock music. She walks, pushing her wheelchair when she's supposed to be in it.
She also walks at night and watches the other residents, creepy. For the second year I am conscripted for Christmas lunch.

I have 3 ornaments on the Christmas tree, I'm doing well.


Marshall Stacks said...

my favourite thing about christmas trees is when the cat climbs it

R.H. said...

Miss Laura is in "an interesting condition".

I'm shocked.

R.H. said...

Well she might have an arts degree but she's a real aussie bird, no kidding.

R.H. said...

I'll have to dig out that poem I wrote about her (if I can find it).

Yes well she's back, blogging again. I notice Chrissy Boy there too (the great fairy!) who got me the arse from Sarsparilla for spelling Alison with two L's.

What a fruit, fair dinkum!

JahTeh said...

Stacks, the cat is underneath the bedside table because the Christmas box is at the foot of the bed and I keep opening it and it can't jump on it and get its fat self off the bed. She's sulking.

Robbert, you're late with the news, we've known for ages. Good for her for blogging again, all I did was throw up in the sink for 9 months.

River said...

Your christmas outfit looks fine just as it is. Maybe add a diamante brooch to hold together those two folds at waist level.
I agree with you about Kindy. Teach all the faiths and customs, kids can handle that kind and amount of knowledge easily.
I like the sound of Urban Jungle Enclosure, my backyard is looking a bit like that.
I really hate fasting for blood tests, when I get to the doctor's waiting room (about 3 seconds before they open so I'm first in), I usually have a couple of Furry Friends chcolate bars in my bag or pocket. As soon as they've taken the blood I rip one open and swallow it almost without chewing!

Brian Hughes said...

"...this is all I've done to the Christmas outfit."

Isn't that the same suit that you wear on your birthday?

Jayne said...

We had an old duck in one home like that; she'd out-creep Norman Bates on a bad day.
They can go either way - just keep her chained to her bed and all should be well ;)

Lord Sedgwick said...

Zoe once again has you in pride of place .
atop our Xmas tree

JahTeh said...

River, I loved the story of Hannakuh and I didn't read it until I was in my 30s. The only thing I have against multi-culturism is that they won't leave their wars behind, some of them anyway.

Lord Hughes, jealous much? Just because crimson clashes with your Christmas nose.

Jayne, truly creepy this one. I was wondering if I could slip her the door code and let her go.

JahTeh said...

I'm having a word with Santa about you Sedgwick. You might have stripper and lap dance on your wish list but that ain't what you'll get.

Middle Child said...

You have a tree? Mine is still in the shed - but going to Melissa's for Christmas and somehow as I am almost the only one ever here - bah humbug I thought - maybe next year. I just finally got my yard slashed with a tractor - and it was scarily high - and i have a lime tree to go to - no Gin - but my grog is in the fridge - never thought of putting it outside under the lime tree