Thursday, December 09, 2010

River, you know me too well

The tree is up, the ornaments are on and it definitely needs to be pinned to the wall. I also need another tree, white, about 3 feet high so come on the pre-Christmas sales. There are two boxes I couldn't fit on this tree. And if you must know, I snivelled a bit. I'll probably snivell again when I'm trying to fit the boxes back in the Christmas chest, it's sort of like a three dimensional Rubick's Cube.
The cat was a great help. Every time I opened the chest she wanted to get off the bed or on the bed. Annoyance level about 12.


River said...

I don't like white trees. To me a tree is green. Must be green.
I have fewer ornaments this year. I separated them last year as I took them off the tree, those I liked got packed, those I didn't really like got put into a box for Vinnies. I completely forgot about doing that until I got the crate with decorations down from the wardrobe. There used to be two crates.

Jayne said...

Why a 3 feet tall white tree?
Do you have a particular person you wish to drape from limb to limb from the branches, outlined perfectly in white?
Yet low enough to the ground for The Cat to paw at the person in feline amusement?

Kath Lockett said...

Yep I'm with River. Tree has gotta be green, regardless of whether it's made of plastic.

Go for a dog - all we have to do is keep the chocolate out of her reach and stop her from licking the low-hanging baubles :)

JahTeh said...

I want a white tree for the pinks and mauves and the hand painted glass baubles I'm going to do, sometime, really, honestly. I did the same thing River, last time the tree was up, everything that made me cry was packed up and sent to the hospital where my sister works.

Jayne, any higher than 3 feet is too big and not fluffy enough. The cat is too lazy to paw anything except whiskettes. The only draping for that person is over the electricity lines.

Kath, let me know when that damn jingle is off your blog, talk about Pavlov's dog. Now that's my kind of tree, frosty with neverending ice-creams.