Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm still here

Bruised and battered like a slab of flake but still soldiering on.
I went to Southland, cheated, went by taxi but promised I would catch the bus home. That didn't happen. By the time I walked from one end of that place to the other I was closer to the taxi rank and my knees hurt.
Next time I won't bother taking a walking stick, too dangerous to lean on as the floor is quite slippery and goes downhill in places. The temptation to belt obnoxious kids with the stick is too close for comfort. A trolley is better, holds everything and accidentally hitting something obnoxious is just an accident.
I was good, I didn't have a cake....up there. But as the mince pie season is limited I did bring one home for a nom, a very slow nom.

We seem to have the season of hooning around here at the moment.
Last week it was a gang of three that decided to rattle my gates off their hinges. Bad luck to them, BrickOutHouse and mate were out the front door so fast they blurred and said hoons were chased down the street.
Also last week, HerNextDoor was nearly run down by another/same gang of three riding those scooter things on the footpath. Zipping past her, they let loose with a barage of obsenities.
The same week, some person walked up the drive of her house, rifled the cars which they'd forgotten to lock and they didn't hear a thing. I don't think she thought that this person/persons might have watched the house and knew their bedroom was at the back of the house away from the drive.
BrickOutHouse immediately thought of the Mazda shell languishing at the end of my drive. I mean who would give it any thought, it's a shell that looks like it's been through an atomic blast.
But, but, it has "an engine" for which Top Gear would pay money for. You see I totally 'FAIL' motor car engines. He's worried about that and his other car is parked out the front where everyone can see the expensive bike helmet, clothes, various coins on the floor (handy when one is a bit short at the servo) and tools. The worry of it all, what with hailstones and storms on the ducco of the ute, it's never ending.

Never ending is right. Midnight last night, I'm writing in my diary, he's on the net and crash bang from outside. Another load of hoons are pushing over the bins, all of the bins in the street.
He's halfway out the door with one leg in his jeans and in the car after them. They had pushed over every bin and were starting on the next street and thank goodness it wasn't recycle bin night. He gave them quite a mouthful and checked which house they skulked into but I don't recall them at all. Then he came back and picked up neighbour's bins and ours and all the rubbish which earned him a big tick from HerNextDoor who was terribly embarrassed because her rubbish was really on the bugle. *snigger*

Now if we're both out together the house will have to be locked up. Still, as one of my relatives used to say, if burglars walked in here, they'd walk straight out thinking it had already been turned over. Damn cheek!


Andrew said...

My brother has been stalking some local lads who graffiti fences. While he is fit, he no match for kids with knives. A merry one to you.

Jayne said...

Ooo, yes, you tell BOH to be careful.
Take it easy and indulge this season - batter those shoppers with gay abandon.

River said...

Bloody hoons! All you can do is hope someone does the same to them one day.
Your last paragraph reminded me of the Big Bang Theory, when Sheldon walks into Penny's messy apartment and says, "were you robbed?"; Penny says "no" and Sheldon says "how can you tell?"
If I'd remembered you liked mince pies, I would have sent you a few from my last batch. They turned out really well.

JahTeh said...

River, you rotter, that's just an excuse, you sent me a Christmas card anyway if you'd told me earlier I'd have walked over and picked them up. It's killing me all this don't eat this, don't eat that and then I go to Kath's and she's still got that damn magnum jingle going and they are so divine.

Jayne, these are not drunken 18 and over, they're kids and what are they doing out at midnight? I can only think they've been at Southland and come home by bus and decided to be pests for fun.

Andrew, graffiti has also appeared in the past weeks but I've been missed so far so perhaps I should bless the ute, the VW, the Mazda in the drive and whatever it is parked outside.

JahTeh said...

When we were packing up mum's house I found skull x-rays, BOH had protected his friend (girl) way back in his early twenties. He was king hit and bounced by a mob and has never forgotten it so he's very watchful in crowds.

R.H. said...

Nine a.m. and another train full of stupid fucked up people leaves Newport station for the stupid fucked up city of Melbourne. What a dump. Poisoned air and poisoned earth. There's nowhere, nothing, no excuse for drones believing culture is crowdedness. Mugs, this is your city, a whole nothing of clothes shops and cafes, Miami one end, New York the other. "It looks lovely at night." Suckers. Zombies. Cattle bred to consume. Credulous, that's what you are, managed, orchestrated, every day a new controversy, packing you onto a train and off to the office.
Robots, lemmings, one day if you ever falter: think outside a TV show served up to you like hay from a farmers trailer, you'll be stunned, ashamed, find out your whole lives are canned laughter.

Merry Christmas. Suckers.

JahTeh said...

And from Robbbert McScrooge, his annual Christmas message channelled by him, to us, by his personal guide, Saint Hopelessness.

You've surpassed yourself with this year's comments, take a big red bow and tie yourself in knots, ah, what the hell, make them love knots.

Brian Hughes said...

Yohoho...happy eggnog.

JahTeh said...

Aw, Hughsie, eggnogg?? It just diffuses the booze, makes it suitable only for the cats. Get out the single malt and wave it over the egg carton, that's all it needs.

R.H. said...

Shut your cakehole, Southland has named a gin shop after you.

Middle Child said...

I have to admit to shock when a tribe of little bastards on skateboards nearly cleaned up an old lady and used a string of the very worst language they could use, to abuse her - she was so frightened - then they were off - not a copper in sight and this on the footpath of the CBD area...probably not worth their while to arrest as the little darlings would probably scream abuse or some other