Sunday, January 30, 2011

The holidays might be cheap but...

They don't call the Pacific Ocean the ring of fire for nothing but next time you're looking at all those cheap packages to Bali, keep this map in the front of your mind.
Volcanoes, Indonesia has every kind and they all erupt sooner or later.


Kath Lockett said...

I wonder if you can get travel insurance for disruption by volcanic eruption?

JahTeh said...

Good question, Kath, if it was me then I would have so much insurance, the holiday would be the cheapest part of the package.
I am a doomsday traveller.

R.H. said...

Hi. My name is Rochester. House of Lords. Here's my comment, now irrelevant. Seems big woman has taken off to Venice with some dago and sailed in a gondola on the Grand Canal tossing Cadbury's fruit and nut to all the plebs. Good heavens, history, never young. And amazing how foreign travel brings out the royalty in all of us. Meanwhile it's said that Al Capone is America's King Lear, in which case I nominate John Howard as the Hamlet of Australia.
No, it's not ridiculous. Think about it. You poor bastards!

Lord Rochester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been doing some marvellous landscaping in the backyard. Very cute. There's some paving with hand-made bricks discovered twenty years ago in a ruined house at Port Albert. And golly but the ute had some trouble getting up that hill from the coast with one hundred of those babies on board. The bluestones from the old Yarraville siding (taken in the dead of night)were a problem as well.
Darlings there are two styles of people, the audacious and the grumbling, you get what you pay for. Rochester in the dead of night can afford better.

River said...

I don't plan on ever going to Indonesia so I think I'm fairly safe. My destinations of choice, should I ever win Lotto are Tasmania, Ireland and Cananda.

Middle Child said...

Holy shit - that'd stuff the carbon tax if they all went off

JahTeh said...

Robbert Rochester, you should know me better than to think I would throw chocolate fruit and nut to anyone.
I can see John Howard as Hamlet and Tony Abbott as the skull.
Bluestones are how I know I'm getting old. I used to be able, a short ten years ago, to pick them up and move them all over the garden, now I have to roll them.

River, put New Zealand on that list. My cousin's been all over the world and loved his first visit there this year.

Therese, there's been some carbon released in the last 12 months that belongs to Mother Nature.

R.H. said...

The highly intelligent Maribynong council (Footscray) tore up an acre of historic bluestone pitchers from beside Yarraville railway station. I grabbed about twenty. Meanwhile they replaced the lot with a smooth bitumen surface. How lovely. The only thing local councillors care about is getting into state parliament, they don't care a fuck about heritage. Nor do the Yarraville trendies....High price sluts. Harlots. Lady-men and molls.

River said...

Oooh! I forgot about New Zealand.
First stop. After Tassie.