Friday, February 11, 2011

Put a leash on those puppies

Thank you Miss O'Dyne for leading us to the wedding gown of the year. I do hope Hurl and Spawnie or Miss Middleton aren't web surfing for the big day.

Reminds me of that old joke, he says 'big breaths', she says, 'yeth and I'm only thixteen'.

It's like a train wreck or Tony Abbott with his mouth shut, I can't stop watching. And the rest of the gown is really nice.


JahTeh said...

If you follow the link to Tacky, don't read the comments, very offensive and worse taste than the dress.

River said...

There should be some sort of standard when it comes to wedding gown construction. That looks tacky. Indecent even. Just because the nipples are covered, (barely), doesn't make this acceptable.

JahTeh said...

River, I'm not religious at all but I believe in covering tits and arms in a Church ceremony. The only standard with this dress was the structural engineering involved. Still it didn't warrant the vile comments.

Elisabeth said...

No wonder they covered the faces.

The Elephant's Child said...

You are right - the comments were vindictive and nasty and and and. And the dress is not to my taste but at the end of the day it was their wedding ....

R.H. said...

Big tits no brains.

Perfect consort.

R.H. said...

Ask Doc Edelsten.

R.H. said...

I've been composing your Valentine tribute. It involves long moonlit walks along The Strand.
I must stay calm.
Gulls spin twist twirl, a ghost ship slinks into Hobsons Bay, you are a brash woman but eternal light from you shines.


Link said...

Poor lass. Poor deranged, deluded lass. Wonder if that marriage has weathered the online ridicule? Odd too that it's the relatively small amount of nipple that's considered the really nude bit. I think adhesive must have been involved.

I have stepdaughters now, (voila), 12 & 14, they are totally sucked into this new era of women's raunch and subsequent overt immodesty. Enormous amounts of young cleavage on show for all the world. What can I say, other than to (snidely) point out the risk of a wardrobe malfunction and heaven forbid some nipple peeking through.

14 year old turned up the other day and dad had no clothes on, (it was hot-- he's an exhibitionist, it's very distracting). She and he were mortified. He covered his bits and ducked away while she fled into garden to throw up or something. I was quite surprised by their total lack of cool. An odd situation where actual nudity is seen as gag- inducing revolting, especially in men and certainly in fathers, but for women and girls, bare, bra pumped flesh to the edge of the nipple and the lowest possible cut hipsters are considered acceptable and possibly mandatory for young girls.

Ozfemme said...

Now there's a wedding photo to show the grandkids...

JahTeh said...

OH Rochester, you romantic you! How did you know I've always wanted to be a slinking ghost ship.

Link, I know what you mean. The last dress I bought for the 16 year old had a stunning cleavage and she had the cleavage stuffing to go in it and yet she draws the line at too short a skirt.
As for yours, it was her dad, he's not supposed to have bits and she'd probably like to think she was an immaculate conception.
Link, a stepmother, mind is boggling.

Oz, I can't think what's keeping them steady but I'm with Link, aquadhere and a couple of hooks through each nipple. Still it could have been worse with him matching her with backless trousers.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Reminds me of that old joke, he says 'big breaths', she says, 'yeth and I'm only thixteen'.

Dammit I thought I was the only one old enough to remember and who, as a callow youth, actually laughed at that joke.

(Smart arse word verification strikes again. 'fortitsi')

Ann O'Dyne said...

ah! great seeing them again JahTeh.
WHAT! was she thinking? It is paralysing, but apparently, Russian brides like this style and she is not the only one.
I have moved on from tackybrides to a very sad site run by a woman who wants to k1ll every violent parent (and don't mention Adelaide this week) and I am happy to assist.

R.H. said...

Zounds! Where do I compare thee to a ship?

If thou were a ship it would be the Mary Rose!!!

-Lord Rochester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JahTeh said...

Damn it Your Earlship, the Mary Rose is a water sodden wreck that sank because she was top heavy, ahmmmm, methinks Rochester may be on target.
If I was a ship I would be the Cutty Sark, wild, fast and trim.

Your name is Ann O'Dyne, you know, calm calm calm. Where do you find these sites? I do agree that Magroosume has outlived his fourscore and ten and should meander off into the sunset with a bear trap on both legs.
Poor lady to live each day with such burdens.
Now I won't mention Adelaide and those arseholes who didn't get nearly enough time in goal.

MiLord Sedgwick, Carry On, again.
Such a quality of double and triple entendres delivered by Sidney and the gang. Trust you to turn up at a tit post.