Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm giving up hating Abbott for Lent.

Yeah, right, I'm lying after reading this.

"Mr Abbott says that with only just over 1 per cent of disability pensioners moving back into the workforce each year and nearly 60 per cent of recipients having potentially treatable mental health or muscular-skeletal conditions, it is time for reform."

My mental health does a bunk every time I see this fool spout more nonsense.

My muscular-skeletal condition crumbles when I think how many people voted for this this this this, oh for Heaven's sake whatever he is.

Not human.

OMG, what if he's an alien and they're all like him and we're invaded?

We'd be safe, if they're all as belligerent as he is, they'll fight each other to the death to get to the top.



Kath Lockett said...

I'm never giving up. The stupid old tool even features in my latest blog post!

Jayne said...

I rate him up there with the dipshyte who pronounced sending Aspie teen back to school would help with his anxiety - and I'd love to see Abbott getting Aspie teen into the workforce!!!!!

The Elephant's Child said...

I'm with Kath. I cannot give up hating everything the revolting little festering mangus puswart stands for/says/does.

River said...

It's my opinion that "they" only want these people in the workforce so "they" can collect more taxes. Just like keeping the oldies working until 60, then 65, now they're aiming at 70. my poor aching body just wants to retire, but I can't afford to. Anyway, with all these disabled, mentally ill and oldies working, where are the jobs for the younger school leaver set. How do they get jobs when we're all still holding them?

Jayne said...

Don't forget, many of the disabled are under special working contracts, too, which is govt-sanctioned slavery at $2 per hour in some cases.

JahTeh said...

I have to say that Elephant's Child wins the "Name that Tool" competition.
I stand defeated, "puswart", divine.

Honestly does this idiot ever engage his brain before opening his gob?

River, my sister is in the same boat and the nursing is not getting any lighter on her back.

Jayne, a holiday at Aspie teen camp should wake him up or get him killed.

Kath, you shouldn't put yourself under such stress, you do enough picking up litter without taking him on.

no-one said...

Here's the problem with the pollies. I don't agree with some of what Gillard says (I think she's dead wrong in her opinion on gay marriage), but Abbott's just scary with his opinions. And yet they expect me to vote.

Andrew said...

That the Mad Monk could be PM troubles me muchly.

Anonymous said...

Labor went bourgeois in 1972. Whitlam was its leader, supported by Ken Myer. Since then its leaders haven't been much: crying Bob Hawke and an antique collector. Labor in forty odd years has gone from being a worker's rights Party to being a Party for the radical left chic, the bourgeoisie, the politically correct, graduates and drag queens: dull uninteresting types clustered around the inner city; phoneys, all of them. The latest election ended in a draw. Abbott took seventeen seats from Labor and they shit themselves. Meanwhile Julia "The Emu" Gillard clumps around in men's clothes and embarrasses everyone -except the drag queens who shriek "oooooh, isn't she butch!"
I was a Labor voter, and a communist before that, but this country had backbone then, now it's a fucking great fairy.

The mentally ill on pensions: psychotics etc, and there's thousands of them, are safe from any economic sanity.
They can't work.


JahTeh said...

Unfortunately, Robert, times change and so do Parties and if you asked anyone these days if they were working class, they'd say no. Upwardly mobile with delusions of being middle class. My Dad was a commo, so much so he refused to pay for the Tribune and made mum pay it.

Andrew, tremble in yer boots at that thought but there are a lot out there that are just like him. Frightening.

No-One, I think she'd have a different view on same sex marriage if she had the numbers in the house but she's playing it safe for expediency.
Now Abbott, whose views I've been fighting the whole time I've been blogging is a another basket of snakes, all poisonous.

Anonymous said...

Some of you will be disappointed (others ecstatic I guess) to hear I can't open comments anymore with my internet explorer. This is what I get:

Blogger Sign In
We found the following errors:
Your browser's cookie functionality is disabled. Please enable JavaScript and cookies in order to use Blogger.

What's it mean? The 'cookies' are enabled already, far as I can see.
Anyway I managed to get through using firefox but only as anonymous.

Okay? Let's know. Darlings.

False love and true kisses...

R.H. said...

The only people who deny there's class are the middle class who say there's no class at all. It's a lie. A dirty lie. There's class war, always. But you can't say so, the sky would fall in.


R.H. said...

Hey, that only took half an hour to post.

Now I've got a headache.

R.H. said...

What a silly thing to say: "Times change and so do parties."

So is everyone in St Albans rich now?

R.H. said...

No more comments from RH for indefinite period. Maybe never. Can't keep struggling with this, and I've got a man's biography to write.


That's it.


R.H. said...

Dry your tears darlings.
It's fixed itself up.



R.H. said...

I like this blog.

Prefer it.

(She puts up with hell)


R.H. said...

dear old thing.

R.H. said...

I love her most.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, if it happens again, just whack the refresh button. I'm sure it's just ASIO keeping us in our place.

Of course the parties change, they have to. If Arthur Caldwell hadn't been so bloody minded the Labor party would have been in office long before it was.

I know what class I am, the 'non-working because I'm on a disability' lower rung. I aspire to be a lotto winner and have another reason not to work.

JahTeh said...

You're allowed back because you make me laugh when I picture you as Rochester, blimey, long curled wig and lace, garters holding up your stockings. Who's the only gay in the village now!

River said...

r.H. (Robert/Rochester); I get the same browser cookie message occasionally when I sign in. I just go to my "favorites" list and click on my own blog to open it. Like JahTeh said it's probably some kind of "big brother" watching.

R.H. said...

Yes well with an outfit like that I'd slay 'em in Commercial Road.
-Or shove 'em back into the closet, ha ha ha!
Miss River I tried everything, changed the settings and all, in the end it just fixed itself. There's loads of shifty people on this internet, be warned, two of them used to comment here, but quite a while ago. Meanwhile there's a commentor here now (no stranger to Commercial Road) who admits to keeping a file on me. What an idiot. If I knew where he lived I'd send him a photo of my cock.