Monday, March 14, 2011

Jewells for No-one

Plique-a-jour dragonfly with a few diamonds, aquamarine and gold.
Another dragonfly but with rubies and gold.

And just one more, diamonds, platinum, rubies, gold and Peridots.

No fighting, it's not ladylike but when was this blog ladylike.


no-one said...

So so pretty. River needs to start building me up an inheritance so I can buy things like this.

Marshall Stacks said...

plique a jour one wins.
just gorgeous.
I am minding a place with a large pond of water-lilies and the damson and dragon flies hover over it a lot.

The Elephant's Child said...

So I start my day filled with longing.

Jayne said...

Love 'em all but you can keep 'em cos the real ones are sooo pretty and no jewellry comes close to replicating their beauty :)

River said...

@no-one; I'll buy a lotto ticket, but if I win, that first dragonfly is mine. You can have the other two.
If I don't win your inheritance will be my entire dvd and books collections.

JahTeh said...

There you are no-one, it doesn't have to be all shiny diamonds to be classy.

Stacks, a pond of water-lilies and dragonflies, I would be mesmerised for hours.

EC, when I'm feeling down I just type jewellery into image search and I feel better immediately.

Jayne, one almost landed on the cat the other day and she was too shocked to have a swipe at it.

Very generous of you River, she can sell everything on eBay. My huge jewellery source books are worth a lot and I've put the date purchased and the price on the back pages so they don't go to the op-shop.

Kath Lockett said...

I need them ALL. Love dragon flies and to have some studded with gems just makes 'em even prettier.

JahTeh said...

Kath, you must complain to the local chocolatiers immediately, after all we have choc koalas and jelly snakes. Dark chocolate filled with raspberry ganache in a dragonfly shape, I'd buy that.

Frances said...

So beautiful. But why do we value so highly these forged in centuries stones, when the ephemeral tissue that they are imitating is so present and so animate and so disregarded?
(stops to swot an irritating dragonfly).