Monday, March 14, 2011

Now this is really weird

I've been de-cluttering, again, again and more but this article is only June 2010.
I don't know about other bloggers but I have my blog, sign on password and how to get to blogger written down for my executor. After all I don't want you lot to wonder where I am and I would like lots of wailing and rending of clothes and virtual roses if I happen fall in a hole permanently.

But there are sites on Teh Interwebs that will do it all for you. enables you to leave letters, photos or video messages for friends and family, as well as write your own obituary. (What a work of fiction I could write) Imagine you die with a secret that you longed to reveal. (OMG who was on the grassy knoll?) Deathswitch is an automated system that prompts you for your password on a regular basis. If you repeatedly fail to respond, it assumes you have died and emails pre-scripted messages to nominated addresses. lets you create a master list of usernames and passwords for all your online accounts and social networking sites. Once your death has been verified by Legacy Locker, the list will be emailed to a named beneficiary. Samurai warriors preferred to commit ritual suicide rather than allow themselves to be captured by enemies. enables you to commit "virtual suicide" by deleting your facebook account - or at least it did until a legal wrangle with Facebook, though the service hopes to be up and running again soon. Now this is for me considering my executor is totally computer illiterate.
This service enables users to consolidate all their online contacts, allowing a trusted third party to contact them in the event of your demise.

Doesn't mention virtual roses. I can see it now, site after site of my devoted blog pals displaying virtual roses for my virtual glory and by the time I leave I expect they'll have virtual perfume.
I wonder how much to start a website?


Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

Try again. I have often wondered. I told my partner how to access my blog to write something in the event of my sudden demise. If I demise slowly, I will ensure it painful process heavily detailed in my blog. Great work. Some have been thinking about when people disappear from the teh interwebs.

JahTeh said...

Aw thanks DrewAn, the thought of being able to suffer with you until the end is just so unselfish an act. Everytime I'd visit the blog, I promise to wear black......lace......everything.

Marshall Stacks said... sounds delicious.
One of my links did die.
I was one of his few commentors, and commented on what turned out to be his last post, while he was still alive, so now I get the 100 subsequent comments on feed.
If those 100 had commented on all his previous posts, maybe he would not have fallen (accidentally) off that cliff.
I got a new Follower today at one of my blogs, so went to make a reciprocal visit, only to find she has 2200 Followers and gets 150 Comments on every post. Why on earth would she start following me then? I am not pushing my way into a Comments crowd that large.

I don't want to be hearing from your web-ignorant executor my dear, so please take care of yourself.

River said...

no-one has my details. I haven't instructed her to write anything should I kick the bucket unexpectedly, but knowing her, she will.

JahTeh said...

2200 followers? Was this a porn blog? Giving away free money? It has to be American.

River, I will be watching the skies over Sydney very carefully next weekend.

Middle Child said...

Freakin hell - once upon a time we just winged it all