Thursday, April 28, 2011


At last I know why my backside looks like a working bullock.


The Elephant's Child said...

I am not overweight, I am undertall. Eight foot tall is a perfectly reasonable height isn't it?

How is your mother? Is the podiatrist's life on the line?

R.H. said...

That cat looks so majestic, so much in charge, like Louis X1V.

River said...

EC pinched my line.
Sort of.
I tend to say I'm not fat I'm just too short for my weight.

R.H. said...

Hello cuties, just popping in to say the Williamstown Literary Festival (world event) is on again. Seems Miss Alison Grogon (aged 46, teenage curves and not a hint of grey) didn't get a perch this year. Cuties might remember she booted me out of her poetry workshop for laughing followed by hoots from several mature age ladies (not a hint of grey).
Former lawyer and now best selling author Andrew Fraser who did five years in the slot for importing cocaine is among the guests. His "explosive" new book is about corrupt police - Snouts in the Trough.
According to this article in the local rag Fraser is tired of the "disgraced lawyer" moniker.
(Well golly me but I thought they were all a disgrace?) "I've done mea culpa since 1999 and I've had enough. I'm not doing it anymore, let's move on."


And there's a photo of him wearing an old sports coat and jeans, looking like he's on the dole.

Seems when he goes to a restaurant his girlfriend knows to let him have the seat facing into the restaurant. He also has to sleep with the door and the curtains open.

Good heavens. Well the boob never did that for me.

Williamstown Literary Festival.
April 27 - May 1.

Be there!

R.H. said...

Sorry, it's Croggon, not Grogon.
And she's 49.

(Hoping for an invite to her 50th)

Middle Child said...

Now THATS a cat

JahTeh said...

EC, I was supposed to be 6 foot tall but it all went sideways.

Robbert, the width of that cat is me without the majesty.

River, the sooner they find the fat gene and modify it the better.

Robbert, did he also include in his book the corrupt legals like himself?
I think you've done yourself out of an invitation.

Therese, where would we be without the morning LOLcat laugh?