Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Well there goes the blood pressure

Six hours watching mother in and out of hallucintations is really great fun.
A temperature of 38.9 and climbing.
Severe neck and shoulder pain.
It's a good thing she was lying on a pale green frilly pillowcase or I wouldn't have been able to tell her face from a white one except for the dark circles around her eyes and mouth.

This virus or whatever hit very suddenly at midday and galloped away all afternoon.
I called my sister who left her shift at the hospital.
While ma was lucid we made sure of what she wanted, to to to hospital if necessary or stay where she was. A very forceful 'I'm staying here' was all we needed to put on record.

Sister left, I stayed for the locum to arrive. She seemed a lot better with the pain control, panadol for the temp and maxalon for the sickness. She still drifted in and out of lucidity.
Our family is so inappropriate with laughter in any serious situation but laughing when she has a mouthfull of mohair rug thinking it was her tea is just our way. Besides which she offered to share it with me.

Locum arrived, temp was down to 37.6, lungs were clear, pain had subsided to manageble levels and she was drinking, input but no output since I'd been there. Tests are being done tomorrow and when I left she was being made comfortable for the night and I'm still up at 11.46 with my eyeballs hanging out.

I'll be back tomorrow to see what her own doctor has to say. If it is an infection from the chopped toe, thank you professional nitwit podiatrist, then I'll be saying a few words. So much for the sensible diet, no stress etc, etc. I came home, ate everything in the fridge and found a packet of Jaffa biscuits that went down a treat. I'm going to bed and I have a stomach full of acid through not being sensible, that'll learn me.


The Elephant's Child said...

Aaaaargh. Hope you slept OK. Families are such fun. And I too chuckled at your mama offering you some mohair rug - and face it some institutional tea does taste like that. Good thoughts going your way.

no-one said...

Hope things get better for you and your mother.
I think families who laugh at inappropriate moments are probably better off than the ones who don't

R.H. said...

Why is this blog so coy about food?

Don't treat it, EAT IT!

Eat the doctors, eat the nurses, eat the whole damn hospital!

Eat Jenny Craig, the old witch!

Shit To Smother The World Inc.

River said...

I hope your mum is alright and getting much better by the time you read this.
You ate a whole packet of Jaffa biscuits? You are my twin!
Hope indigestion didn't keep you awake.

R.H. said...

Pardon me, sometimes I get a little bit sentimental (nothing to do with the grog) when I think of your poor mother in that house of wax. I heard of one bloke there who dreamt he was eating a giant marshmellow and when he woke up his pillow was gone.
Where did I hear that? I've no idea. Why do pimps like beetroot? I've no idea. Find out for yourself.

R.H. said...

Beethoven this evening, ostensibly for you, but mainly to bother the woman next door.

Is that a 'tweet'? Could I do a tweet? How do I start?
Well now I've blown it, eaten the second jam donut, two in a packet. $2. Coles.

On topic. Always.

JahTeh said...

EC, I went back yesterday and she was much better but she didn't feel like getting up or eating much.
I'm waiting for my sister to tell me what she thinks today.

No-one, we really are terrible with laughing. We laughed all the way to my father's funeral remembering the crazy stuff he used to do.

Robbert, did you hear who took over Jenny Craig?

River, I'd forgotten they were there, delicious and yes, I had heartburn from them.

Robbert, it's a really lovely place, not ritzy but the nurses and carers are lovely. There was someone in to see her every 15 minutes so if I hadn't been there she wouldn't have been left.

Beethoven and jam doughnuts, what else could I ask for?

Marshall Stacks said...

I truly recommend heroin. It does not affect blood sugar or cholesterol levels, doesn't make you fat (food? who cares, I'm HIGH) and only attacks 3 organs whereas alcohol attacks them all. Buy it at Boganland from any 12 year old in a hoodie.
The cops are too busy dealing themselves to arrest you.

R.H. said...

Not Boganland -Little Vietnam: Springvale, Richmond, Footscray.

Middle Child said...

I always laugh in the wrong places which is okay with people who know me well but sometimes I have to explain "I am not really laughing because it (some tragedy) is funny"\Hope things settle with your mum