Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bling alert!

Okay I've given up the idea of ever having a body like Michele Obama but, but I could wear the necklace and the bracelet.
I have a birthday coming up, you lot start counting the cents in the emergency jar I know you all keep.
I'll have no problems doing the housework in these, I don't do any housework.
They would look so nice reflected in the computer screen and flashing on my wrist as I type.

Anyone who mentions vejazzle gets barred from the blog.


River said...

I don't like the necklace, it looks like several necklaces that she wore to bed and they got all tangled up. The bracelet is pretty though. My emergency jar has about $2.50, that be enough for you?

Ann O'Dyne said...

of course there is a blog which chronicles every thing worn by Mrs O and they think the jewellery is by Tom Binns. US$1700

what would YOU wear if you had to stand next to Her Maj and all her REAL stuff?

Andrew said...

I agree with River. A necklace designed by a committee. Our car park door was being welded up today and so I had to park outside at lunchtime and pay. So I cleaned out my glove box of change. Sorry.

Gerry said...

Saw Lady Gaga on Graham Norton's show last night. I think she's brill. I'm in love.

Link said...

Have false eyelashes made a come-back? No, stupid question, obviously they have made a come-back. Question should be, did they ever go away? I'm fascinated by them, but imagine they'd feel pretty weird to wear. Just can't justify the ten quid outlay on something that I cannae actually eat.

JahTeh said...

River, hard as hell to try and make. I've been trying to copy one made like that by Coppola & Toppo in the 60s which looked simple but was anything but.
With my emergency jar we have 6.30 between us, not even enough for a vanilla slice each.

Annie O, Didn't Her Maj and Phil the Greek look tiny beside the Obamas? I didn't think they were that tall.

How bloody selfish of you Andrew. I'll remember that come next birthday.

That's it, the Bear's gone over the edge. Can't even stand her songs without looking at her but then I like Enya.

Link, there's a trick to the false eyelashes. You have to put them on at least 3 hours before going out because it takes that long to get your eyes to full open mode with the weight. Lord knows how they wear the fur ones.

Gerry said...

JT, I thought it's been common knowledge for some time now that I went over he edge years ago.

JahTeh said...

Yeah, but you keep climbing back up the cliff, just getting to the top when we think we're safe.

Davoh said...

mm, 'the Bear'. I keep whacking copperwire strands (and stands) on fingers clawing way up cliff edge ..

Davoh said...

.. getting back to topic .. um, eyelashes: must be nice to have the leisure to attach them, and agree with Link; though doubt that those eylashes cost 10 bucks (or mebbe they did, how many bucks has Michele seen?)