Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dr. Marvin

After one diabetes educator who told me nothing much, I had one yesterday who overloaded the sensory capabilities of my underused brain. She didn't have enough time to tell me everything but the one important thing she should have done was show me how to use the finger pricking device and the blood monitor. By the time I read two huge pages of information and got it all ready, (I used 6 lancets just to get one drop of blood, setting too low) my blood pressure was through the ceiling, anxiety was just below hysteria level and my BGL was 10.0 and it was midnight.

Thank the Goddess for Dr. Marvin, my new dispenser of pills and wisdom. Blood pressure taken by D.E was 169/129 but by the time he had calmed me down, it was 149 which still had me freaking and shaking. But he said, it's only numbers, 4 weeks ago it was 188 so you've dropped 40 points. He pointed out that we're both in it for the long run and he isn't expecting improvement for anything up to a year. I have a lot to get right, one thing at a time and my low Vitamin D levels are more important than anything else. After all I've been carrying around this blubber for 40 years and it hasn't killed me yet.
Me, sitting there has stopped shaking and hyperventilating.
How can you not have confidence in a doctor who wears a navy blue tie covered in lime green Marvin the Martians?
And if he turns up in a Duck Dodgers of the 24th and a half century tie, he's mine forever.


The Elephant's Child said...

Yay for Dr Marvin. Who sounds like a marvellous find. Slowly, gently. Good luck.

River said...

Dr Marvin sounds wonderful.
"BGL is 10"
Is that good or bad or in between?
What's a good number for BGL?

JahTeh said...

EC, he's looked after mum since she went to the nursing home then he moved clinics to 20 mins walk away from me. I took that as a sign to leave the doc who I suspect couldn't be bothered with me as much as I couldn't be bothered with him.

River, it is bad but mostly stress. I need to do it again in an hour, 7.4 this morning before food so it'll be interesting to see tonight's after food.
A good number is 5.5 consistantly.

Mindy said...

Yay for good doctors. Lucky you for finding one.

no-one said...

It's great that you're with a really good now. Good luck with everything!

R.H. said...

Now you've got me thinking about my novelty tie collection, of which I have about 300. I'm mailing you a couple this week, judiciously selected.

Okay? wake up.


Wearing my 'night club singer' tie, just for this comment. There's a woman on it in a tight dress. Down the bottom there's a wolf, a pervert (me).

Marshall Stacks said...

no Quack is going to wear a duck tie, and that's that.
Good luck with the BP.

Jayne said...

That's a big improvement and that GP sounds decent!

JahTeh said...

Mindy, they are hard to find, especially one who will listen to you.

No-one, I'm waiting until I feel less hypocritical to write a thank you letter to my old doctor.

Robbert, do you realize the ratings a vintage tie blog would generate? The 'Tie of the Week' would keep you going for years.

Stacks, A DUCK TIE! This is Duck Dodgers we're talking here, hero of the 24th and a half century. You just put my BP up.

Jayne, he's good and looks young enough to outlive me so I don't have to find another.

Middle Child said...

Ok I am reading back to front - do you normally have high BP - my Specialist told me that unresolved high BP will (not may) cause kidney damage if untreated. GP's are notoriously casual about this. if you have a high reading above 140 consistently (mine got to 202/112!! and your GP is casual - it is a silent killer - ask to have an appointment with a specialist called Hypertension/Kidney Specialist - ask your GP to write on the referral the BP he records and what you have been recording for the past months...they all tell us to take not of it but when you go to a GP they are worse than useless. I have had some serious episodes which all subsided after seeing the specialiat on last after all these years my BP is 124/68 average - wher it hasn't been since i was 19