Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Lost emails

I lost my optusnet email address when I gave up dial-up and had that nasty fling with Telstra.
Now that I have optusnet wireless I also have my optusnet email although the password is slightly different so I must have set it up.

So after going through 3 months of emails, apologies to all who languished in the darkness of the internet corner of misplaced addresses.

I have my sitemeter back and my recipes. Oh, really bad to go through 3 months of cake recipes. But sitemeter says I have readers and wanderers so colour me happy.


Jayne said...

3 months worth of recipes??
I double dare you a triple layered cream and strawberry sponge cake you won't eat it :P

River said...

3 months of emails and recipes? I would have had spinning glassy eyes after that lot.
Any good recipes worth sharing?


Marshall Stacks said...


JahTeh said...

Jayne, you are a swine and just for that the next post is all cake.

River, I wondered where my sitemeter stats had gone. Quick run through the cakes,I'm too lazy to make them.

Stakes, He had a cake???

JahTeh said...

I meant Stacks, must be hungry.

Andrew said...

So you were not ignoring me then.

JahTeh said...

Dearest Andrew, you know I'd crawl over broken glass to answer your emails.

Middle Child said...

This technical stuff does my head in and i pray nothing ever ever goes wrong again - it takes up so much time