Monday, May 02, 2011

Sick person etiquette

I'm sure somewhere there must be a book on sick bed etiquette.
Miss Bossy came in to see her mother today and sat on the bed, practically on her chest really.
Her mother has been very ill since their latest family outing and I had to check a couple of times today to see if her breathing was still going on.
My mother just looked at me and said nothing but the look was clear, 'never do that to me' as Miss B plonked herself down.

I've been in hospital so many times and the one thing that I can't stand is anyone bumping the bed and sitting in my space. You know, get back a bit, germ laden visitors. Don't disturb the ring of antiseptic round my person.

My mother's quite happy to see me sitting at the side of the bed unless she picks up the scent of a cake type treat and then it's different although most of the time I don't have to move, the woman has an extendable arm that can snatch a goodie like a spider downing a fly.


Ann O'Dyne said...

when I read "picks up the scent of baked goods' I had a vision of her 'pointing' like a gundog with a raised paw and a rampant tail.
A good cake will get me like that too.

yes of course, bedside etiquette is both sensible and important.
Ms Bossys mum is probably feigning illness just to get away from her.

Davoh said...

Nup, ain't no ettiket. Pple come, ppl go.

Some have joy, some carry sorrow (oy father, would y mind i strained th bottle of Glenfiddch through me kidneys .. first)

The Elephant's Child said...

It does sound as if Miss Bossy just generally has no manners. And that everyone's personal space is hers to conquer. Urk.

JahTeh said...

A good cake can get us both going. The poor old thing is on her last legs after all the comings and goings since Easter. And I've just found out that when family take her on jaunts they don't bother to take a pair of spare Depends so no comfort there.

Only one bottle, Davo?

EC, she doesn't have any idea of personal space not even with her voice. When her mother does go, she's going to start blaming nursing staff and it won't wash with anyone who's been watching.

Jayne said...

It was DRUMMED into us nurses to never, ever, EVER sit on a patient's bed and we'd always request that visitors remove themselves to a chair if we sprang them on a bed.
Always had a savage giggle whenever a deserving visitor managed to park their arse on a bed with an incontinence sheet filled to the brim with cold urine...
"Oh, thank you for informing us the bed needs changing, yes she is unaware of her incontinence, yes it is quite a lot, we'll have her cleaned up in a jiffy" .
Hope Bossy Britches finds that puddle soon ;)

River said...

I need one of those extendable arms! Imagine never having to leave the keyboard to get a snack. Just stretch out to the kitchen....

JahTeh said...

River, we need a wand, "Accio food" would be better.

Jayne, I would love you to go head to head with BossyBritches. The DoN has a revolving door for this stupid tart.