Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tiara time again, donate to my fund.

Anyone got a coin purse with a 1.5 million pounds in it?

This little sweetheart is up for auction next month.

The tiara has 13 saltwater pearls - six button shaped ones ringed with diamonds and seven pear-shaped pearls dangling from tear-drop diamond surmounts.

It was owned by Hannah Primrose, a socially and politically active heiress, born into the powerful Rothschild family. She reputedly became the country's richest woman when her father died in 1874, leaving her the sum of two million pounds, properties including a turreted mansion in Buckinghamshire plus a huge stash of jewels.

Four years later she married Archibald Philip and became Countess Rosebery and Christie's Auctioneers believe the owner of the tiara with matching brooch and bracelet. Her jewells apparently rivelled some of the crowned heads of Europe.

There were some very snotty remarks about Hannah's weight in the comments section of the Daily Mail (yes, my dirty secret, I read it) but I think she looks serene and lovely. Perhaps because I have a feeling that she looks a lot like me only well dressed and much better jewelled.


River said...

It's a lovely jewellery set, do you have occasion to wear such things? At a gala event in my honour perhaps?
Hannah looks lovely, I don't know what they're on about....

R.H. said...

"It's that time again."

And it's oh my goodness as birdbrain Bahnisch slaps the bite on his schoolkid debaters and one-legged dykes at LP.

Million and a half. Golly. Well I'm reminded of Uncle Harry's fireside chats to us kids about life matters, asking in a voice full of reason: "Why pay for something if you can knock it off?"


Andrew said...

Just made me wonder, who could afford it? HRH Liz? Has she ever actually bought any jewellery? Hers is probably all old stuff.

Marshall Stacks said...

Any of these people could afford to buy the tarara, but I cannot imagine any of them wanting to.
Only 5 of the 20 richest people have names we have even heard of. Publicity and great riches hardly ever go together.
I do love pearls, and River? we would wear it to royal-wedding receptions and balls. in our dreams (or nightmares).
That Rothschild turret place is Waddesdon Manor and it is stacked with amazing things like an entire museum of stuffed animals.

JahTeh said...

River, I could just look at it and Hannah is lovely, I could wear that dress. The brooch could fasten my buttonless dressing gown and I can see nothing wrong with wearing a tiara when I'm eating my baked beans on toast.

Robbert, are the glory days of buying something off the back of a truck in the pub truly gone? I mean security cameras, gps chips and shipping containers would make life hard for a small time entrepreneur.

Andrew, Graff made his fortune by taking suitcases of jewellery to the Sultan of Brunei. It's still the oil boys who love the bling.

Stacks, I admire Bill Gates for doing something with his cash but the scandal with Lillian Bettencourt makes better salacious gossip.
I don't see why we can't wear tiaras for high tea at the Windsor when River comes to visit.

Link said...

I'd rather this first. I'm a practical kinda girl. Would lose the tiara in the backseat under the pillows and doona and portable stove. So something to house it in 'd be nice. Guess I'll have to save another 500k, but.

Oh well,

R.H. said...

"If there were no receivers there'd be no thieves." That's what a judge said to a pal of mine, it was in the paper.
But golly, the whole of society are receivers.
The days of selling goods "fallen from the back of a truck" will never be gone. Law abiding folk: pillars of society, will always fight each other to buy them. They can't resist. Sometimes they're buying each others stolen goods but golly they don't know that and they sure didn't know the item was hot (ha ha ha), they bought it in GOOD FAITH.
The stuff I sold would have had to be hot, why else would judges, school principals, clerics and society dames be enraptured by the bargain price? Every sort of squarehead you can think of bought the bloody stuff.


R.H. said...

Honesty is the best policy, but a bargain is forever.

R.H. said...

Receivers (fences) give you buggar all for stuff, and they're inclined to be informers as well.

Sell direct.

Jayne said...

Hannah Primrose looks fab, I bet those deletable baubles made her sparkle all the more!

Gerry said...

Tiaras... Huge tits... Cakes...
What a fascinating blog. I can't keep away...

R.H. said...

All part of the weave, Gerryatric, Bozo.

I find you extremely boring.


Mindy said...

Maybe Wills will buy it for Kate.

JahTeh said...

Mindy, see how heavily corsetted she is, that's to hold up the weight of the jools. I can't see slim Kate wearing anything but the most delicate of tiaras. It was better when Platinum was discovered and used but silver and gold in these pieces weighed a ton.

I aim to please dear Bear. Give me time and I'll get to something that applies to you like Proctology and Prostate procedures.

Jayne, I've been reading about her. She married Lord Roseberry who was a bit bi or totally (boarding school boy) and he found her boring. Typical bloke, couldn't see a good thing under his nose.

Robbert, don't bait the bears.

Gerry said...

JT, why are fixating on my rectal regions?

RH, feel better now?

JahTeh said...

My dear, I always go for the pretty parts.

Marshall Stacks said...

... some time after your post, I am writing on Lady Buckinghamshire who is Australian and guugled Buckinghamshire Tarara, and this pearl thing appeared (via
and I thought "I wonder if Coppy knows this one
and you do, of course

Marshall Stacks said...

Obituary: Lady Tryon - Obituaries - News - The Independent Nov 1997 – Dale Elizabeth Harper, dress designer: born Melbourne, Australia 3 ... to a fellow Australian, the Melbourne- born Lady Buckinghamshire.
BALDWIN NEE CLARKE Family Tree Matches - Family Name ... Mittagong, New South Wales, Australia ... family members including Thomas William Chesham Buckinghamshire and Isabel Lady Buckinghamshire ...